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Cheryl Cole To Be The Latest Disney Star?

Cheryl Cole To Be The Latest Disney Star?

The news that has been hitting my computer screen hard is that ‘Fight For This Love Singer’ Cheryl Cole has been taken in by the family studio to show us all her acting skills.

A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “Cheryl is the full package. She’s got it all – brains, beauty, and a hint of bolshyness. It’s unbelievable the amount of interest she stirred up in the Disney Studios following her recent trips to Los Angeles, where she was making a music video.

“That ‘Parachute’ video with Derek Hough, who is massive in the States because of ‘Dancing with the Stars’, really showed just how graceful and dynamic she can be.

“From her experiences with Girls Aloud she can handle the high-energy routines, so the plan is to incorporate her in a show.”It’s early days but a one-off like the Jonas Brothers’ movie ‘Camp Rock’ would be the way to go.”

17 year old Selena Gomez  who stars on disney show ‘ Wizard of Waverly Place’ seems to be thrilled that Cheryl could possibly be joining her on the Disney side of life, she says “Oh my goodness, I’d love to work with Cheryl Cole on a Disney show. I’ve just seen that video ‘Parachute’. She is beautiful. I’d love to.”

If Cheryl does sign the contract she could become a big hit especially with her younger fans, but is she too old for a job with younger co-stars, what do you think guys? Disney or no Disney, will it make or break her?


  1. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Great Article Sophie. Thanks for posting, as ever.

    My opinion? The celebrities at Disney are normally there to build a name and reputation for herself, but Cheryl has already built all that up, so she doesn't need Disney.

    I personally don't think she'll do it, but who knows.

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