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Cheryl Cole To Become Judge on The X Factor in Germany

Cheryl Cole To Become Judge on The X Factor in Germany

Girls Aloud stunner Cheryl Cole became the nations sweetheart overnight when she joined The X Factor 2 years ago, and she’s remained one of the most popular features on the show ever since.

But now Cheryl Cole will ze main attraction as she joins the judging panel on The X Factor in Germany. She’ll be seen mentoring singers on the show, which is apparently huge in Germany. There are also plans for her to be a guest on the biggest television shows on German TV, which will hopefully increase Cheryl’s fanbase in the country.

After her German appearances, she will be touring Spain and Italy to promote her debut solo album, 3 Words and her chart-topping single Fight For This Love, before she reaches France to do the same thing.

Im not totally sure whether to believe these rumours, as, yet again they come from unnamed sources so we cant vouch for their validity, but I do wonder how Cheryl Cole can mentor German contestants with the language barrier. My guess is that this story is bull, but what do you guys think? Comments below please…


  1. sophie says:

    nah its probs not true would be too confusing haha

  2. Elizabeth says:

    dont think this is true. I dont think Cheryl will do it. It's not really her. On the other hand, she said countless times that she wanted to take a break to try start a big family with Ashley.

    If this post is to be true, Cheryl will have to be in Germany long term, Ashley won't be happy for her to do that and i don't think she will be willing to do it either. There were rumors about Cheryl judging on XFactor when it's introduced in the US, i think i read something somewhere saying she didn't want to do it so i don't see why she would want to do it in Germany.

  3. Sara X says:

    but she cant sing- talentless so & so. Only famous cos simons given her a lucky break. she never did much singing in girls aloud, it was all Nadine….Hahahah she's a joke!
    She'll go to america though as she 's hungry for the $$$$$$$$$$$$$

  4. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Funny how you say Nadine had all the talent, and its even funnier when you take into account that NOT A SINGLE RECORD LABEL would take her on as a solo artist, yet Cheryl Cole, the supposedly weakest singer, got a fantastic deal on fantastic terms.

    To be honest, that says it all. End of story.

  5. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Oh and "Sara X", How come you are commenting on this website using different names, as if to give people the impression that there are two people commenting on her when infact both are actually you.

    Unfortunately for you, I can see the IP address you use when you comment on our websites, so when you leave different comments using different names, it does actually show up that its coming from the same person because of your IP address, so who is the sad nob now???


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