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Cheryl Cole To Bow Out After 2010 'X Factor'?

Cheryl Cole To Bow Out After 2010 ‘X Factor’?

As you all may know that Cheryl Cole is really keen to start a family with Ashley Cole but as she has to do The X Factor and her solo career and everything else going on she won’t have the time to have a baby so she is reportedly going to be leaving the show after this year’s X Factor.

A source claimed: “Cheryl has made it clear that she wants to have a baby sooner rather than later. This is something she knows she has to plan. She will be 27 in June and she really wants to start a family with Ashley.”

At the National Television Awards Cole admitted to “feeling broody” as she posed with pregnant Dannii Minogue.

So would you like Cheryl to start a family? Leave your comments below …


  1. Elizabeth says:

    YESSS I want her to start a family. but i dont want her to leave x factor

  2. kayleigh says:

    Agree, i recon thet the amount of people watching x factor will go down because, cheryl won be mentoringing, but i recon after girls aloud and the baby, she will return Hopefully :P x x x

  3. Aww i dont want cheryl to leave but i do want her to start a family cuz she would make such an awesome mum :) I reckon she should do what holly did just stick it out til she goes pop!! =D xxx

  4. shelly ward says:

    She would make a great mum and a fashionable mum too!! hope Ashley stays focused with her. we will have to see if she comes back as a judge for any reality tv show or whether she gets her own show like Sharon Osborne. I think she is under a lot of pressure with Joe too.

  5. lottaine says:

    do not think cheryl should not leave the xfacter becouse she is very friendly with everyone

  6. Cheryl Cole Mad says:

    cheryl cole will be a fabby mum i really think she should start a family , i mean who wouldnt want her as a mum!!!!!!!!!!!! she could give u advice on how to look nice and all that. The press are giving cheryl and ashley a lot of stick they should give them a break , coz after all cheryl and ashley r both human! i say go for it girl u start that family!

  7. Carly Lockey says:

    you dont want her to start a family with ashley do you? and i dont think anyone wants her to leave the x-factor.

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