Cheryl Cole To Meet Boyfriend Tre Holloway’s Family

After Cheryl Cole told that she is going to take her new boyfriend Tre Holloway in her hometown in Newcastle, England it’s now revealed that Tre Holloway is also keen to take Cheryl in the States to meet his folks.

This comes when The “Under The Sun” singer asked the US dancer to meet her parents in Newcastle even though he some of them at her brother’s birthday party in Los Angeles and via video chatting in Skype.

The Sun newspaper citing a source told that it’s been less than a year since Cheryl and Tre are seeing each other but they have already become very serious about it. They are spending a lot of time together now and Tre is working and rehearsing for her solo UK tour. And this is going to Cheryl’s chance to see the America where Tre grew up in.

Meanwhile, Cheryl wants Tre to come to Newcastle so than he can see where she was brought up and what was it like when she was young.

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