Cheryl Cole to spend the Christmas with boyfriend Tre Holloway in LA

Cheryl Cole, 29, will spend Christmas with her beau Tre Holloway, 27, in Los Angeles, California, an indication that their relationship is reaching that mature stage.
This shows that the, “Call My Name” singer is very serious about Tre, where she will also meet his parents.

Previously, the Girls Aloud singer spent her Christmas with her hometown Newcastle with her mother, Joan and the rest of the family.

One of Cheryl’s friend said, Tre invited Cheryl to spend the Christmas at his home in America and Cheryl delightfully answered, “Yes”.
Her friend explained that for Cheryl Christmas is a big deal, where she can just take her time off and relax and chill out with her family. The former X Factor judge is looking ahead for the day to spend the moment with Tre and meet his family too.

Earlier, Tre, who has been in a relationship with Cheryl for the past six months was introduced by Cheryl to her family at a brother Garry’s birthday party in Hollywood.

Cheryl’s family were very approving of Tre as they desperately want her to be happy after her devastating marriage to English footballer Ashley Cole ended in 2010.

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