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Cheryl Cole Told To Be Nicer to Danyl Johnson

Cheryl Cole Told To Be Nicer to Danyl Johnson

Sinitta blasts Cheryl Cole over Danyl Johnson Cheryl Cole has reportedly been instructed by Simon Cowell’s closest adviser to stop ‘destroying’ Danyl Johnson or risk driving him to a breakdown.

Ex pop star and adviser to Simon Cowell, Sinitta has told how the controversial contestant is struggling to cope with the storm of criticism about his personality.

And she allegedly raged about Cheryl: “It’s outrageous for Cheryl Cole to target him personally. It’s out of order and just mean. There is NOTHING to justify these comments that he’s not likeable, that he’s not a nice person, that he’s a horrible guy. Not everyone can turn you on and be your favourite, but to show your personal distaste just because you don’t like the person is quite hideous. It’s not fair.

Sinitta is said to have told how Danyl Johnson finally cracked after facing more criticism from the Fight For This Love singer. “What people saw as arrogance was actually Danyl putting on a massively brave face. People couldn’t handle the fact he was going to tough it out and get through it no matter what. But it was all too tough for him in the end. He was overwhelmed and nearly exploded.

She added: “He had all the Susan Boyle-type hype and people were going crazy about him. Then he’s had to put up with being vilified and told he’s more hated than Hitler.

I’m not quite sure what Sinitta has been watching, but do you think Cheryl Cole has been horrible to Danyl in her comments? As far as I’m concerned, she has been giving constructive criticism each and every week, and hasn’t been any more horrible to Danyl than she has with other contestants.

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  1. I think Cheryl is just been a great judge i have not heard any nasty comments she treats all the acts the same keep it up Cheryl :)

  2. i think sinitta should get her facts right. since the beginning of the x factor live shows, cheryl haven't made any nasty or horrible comments to anybody especially against danyl. cheryl had made some constructive criticism not only to danyl but to all the contestants. i think cheryl had been fair in giving her comments. keep it up cheryl you're doing a brilliant job.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    WHAT!!!!?????? She hasn't said anything that would hurt him. She's just trying to help, she's only saying how she feels about his performances. Danyl bullied Stacey. he's the one who did something wrong. He's trying to act innocent and sad, so people will forgive him and vote for him. But guess what Danyl, people don't like you and if the public don't like you, you're not gonna get anywhere in this show. So just go away and stop saying Cheryl's being mean. Cheryl's giving constructive criticism you ASSHOLE.

    luv you cheryl xx.

  4. sophie says:

    i hate sinitta like seriously WHO IS SHE?
    and cheryl has not so much as touched danyl he just had a few bad weeks and tbh i dont like him either hes constantly looking for sympathy

  5. \maria says:

    Well tell me what are the judges there for if not to comment on the contestants, she done nothing to danyl, if he cant stand the heat get out of the kitchen,

  6. Dianne says:

    Obviously you haven't been watching the same show as everyone else!!!!! Judges are there to comment not totally destroy and break down people. Cheryl ADORED Danyl first audition and since she hasn't got him in her category she is trying to break him down. Personally I have the greatest of respect for Sinitta. A world class singer – yes the lady can actually sing – no need to mime!!!!!!
    A pity the judges have acts to mentor – they would have been better off just judging talent – there would not be any need therefore to bitch about other acts!!!!!

  7. oli d says:

    Cheryl has been so unfair to Danyl. Its so obvious that she is jealous of his talent.

  8. deema says:

    cheryl hasnt gave constructive criticism towards danyl saying " u do it u do everything right but u dont do it for me isnt really constructive. and i cant see where all the cocky comments came from he has never said or done anything that backs that accusation. as for the bad press i dont believe anything that comes from a "mysterious insider" all the other contestants seem to like him miss frank, rachel, lloyd all say he isnt cocky so i would rather believe them that the "insider". Danyl is also always judged on a different standard im sorry olly and stacey are far from being note perfect but no one points it out even cheryl said in one of the shows that "anything less than perfect from danyl is considered a failure". i really hope danyl wins i know his chances are low but i think ppl underestimate his fan base. anyways good luck to all the contestants but Danyl to win <3

  9. Michael Dawson says:

    It's because Danyl reminds her of her husband who is also allegedly gay.

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