Cheryl Cole Tour Insurance To Cost £2 Million?

Cheryl Cole Tour Insurance Cheryl Cole is so keen to put on an electrifying show for her, “A Million Lights” solo tour it could cost her up to £2 million in insurance bills.

The “Under The Sun” singer, who recently joined as a guest mentor for this year’s X Factor is all set for her debut solo arena tour, expected to be held later this week. The Girls Aloud singer has to fork out such a huge pile of cash as she is going to perform some ambitious stunts.

The Sun newspaper citing a source said, Cheryl wants to blow away her audience by putting a “Cirque du Soleil” type of show. She is exchanging ideas with the choreographers and is determined to push herself to the limits.

The trouble is this requires extra costs. Cheryl has to pay more for insurance, if the stunts are going to be more dangerous. If she gets hurt, then the whole tour will be in jeopardy, the newspaper continued.
The newspaper added that Cheryl, who is currently in a relationship with Tre Holloway, is said to fly on wires across the stage and also take part in some fighting scenes.

In July, Cheryl has been cautioned that she is spending too much for her UK tour, as she desired that she wants to put on a show like Katy Perry and Rihanna.

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