Cheryl Cole tries out “DJ’ing” while night out with boyfriend Tre Holloway

Girls Aloud singer, Cheryl Cole decided to learn a new art, being a DJ, while she had a fun night out with her boyfriend Tre Holloway at London’s The Rose Club on Friday, December, 21.

According to the club’s twitter page, the 29-year-old, apparently, set the club on “fire”, according to The Mirror.
The club’s official Twitter page read, “@CherylCole most definitely set the club on fire !! #HipHopThursdays.”

Cheryl pulled a DJ look, with MC Hammer inspired trousers and cute looking baseball cap, while her boyfriend Tre, 23, pulled a street look with a leather jacket and red trainers.

In other news, Tre was shot down by Cheryl’s mother, Joan Callaghan, after he reportedly asked her approval that he will propose to Cheryl while they spend the Christmas together in his hometown, in Los Angeles.

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