Cheryl Cole Upset Over Lack of Support From Fellow Judge Simon Cowell

Cheryl Cole, the judge of the reality TV show X Factor is reportedly upset over the fact that her friend and fellow judge Simon Cowell. The reason for the lack of support has been reported as the choice of the wildcard contestant for the show.

Though the rest of crowd preferred Gamu Nhengu, Cheryl Cole chose Katie Waissel. She expected to get some support from her fellow judges regarding her decision. However, her real disappointment surfaced when her friend and fellow judge Simon Cowell also did not stand to show his support.

Cheryl expressed her shock and disappointment by saying that Simon let her take the heat instead of standing by her and supporting her. The fact that Cheryl had to take the criticism alone was one main reason for her being upset.

Another comment from fellow judge Louis Walsh added to Cheryl’s disappointment. Fellow judge Louis said that he would have chosen Gamu for that category. The entire episode regarding the choice of the wildcard entry on the show has left Cheryl Cole aside and unnoticed.

The show has been in highlight for all the talent and has also managed to get the audiences tied up with the judges’ decisions. However, Cheryl Cole has managed to keep all eyeballs on her in spite of not being the flavour of the month. Cheryl says she feels having chosen Cher and Katie over Gamu has left her dry even though the final selection was not her sole decision.

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