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Cheryl Cole vs Dannii Minogue: Who Wins X Factor Fashion War?

Cheryl Cole vs Dannii Minogue: Who Wins X Factor Fashion War?

cheryl-cole-halloween-x-factor-dress OK, OK, OK, I know this is a Cheryl Cole FANSITE, so you are all going to slaughter me for this article, but the pictures below simply do not lie. Dannii Minogue wins The X Factor 2009 Fashion War against Cheryl Cole.

It’s been the fiercest of battles on The X Factor in 2009. Yes, Cheryl Cole managed to mentor her act, Joe McElderry to win the show, but Dannii has top trumps this year. Despite Cheryl having two full-time stylists working for her, advising her on creating the daring looks where as Dannii has won over critics by dressing herself, without the help of a stylist.

Cheryl has suffered a few fashion disasters this series, most famously when she wore the dustbin lid dress, inwhich her boobs popped out on air. Both Dannii and Cheryl have been working hard since auditions started in the summer to pull the best outfits out of the closet. And the battle only intensified when we came to the live shows.

But despite Cheryl Cole looking absolutely gorgeous in all of her outfits, Dannii just has the edge this year.

Checkout the pictures below, put aside your bias towards Cheryl, and ask yourself, which ‘outfit’ looks best??? I think on the majority of the comparisons below, you will be saying Dannii’s does.

Cheryl Cole vs Dannii Minogue: Who Wins X Factor Fashion War?

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  1. WeLoveChezza<3 says:

    Im sorry but im only seeing CHERYL as the TRUE winner of this poll… officially THE best dressed judge on tv EVER!
    Cheryl you're gorgeous im so jealous of your beautyyyy…

  2. sophie says:

    i truely believe cheryl won every week apart from dusbin dress :)

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Cheryl clearly won this poll. Danni's outfits are all so dull. Cheryl uses more colour and has more fun in her outfits. Danni doesn't take risks. Cheryl won defo

  4. katie x says:

    i wud say cheryl n i loved all her outfits n cheryl looked gawjus every nyt =]

  5. cheryl all the way

  6. Guest says:

    Dannii the best dressed classy and comfortable

  7. No way Cheryl is by far the winner but danni does look great as well
    But there is no denying that Cheryl is one of the most beautiful women to walk
    The earth
    She is simply stunning

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