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Cheryl Cole vs Geri Halliwell - Who Wore It Better?

Cheryl Cole vs Geri Halliwell – Who Wore It Better?

It’s that time of year again. In just a few short months, The X Factor is due back on our screens, but filming for the new show started yesterday in Glasgow.

The X Factor is back, which means it’s time to start our weekly Cheryl vs …. blog posts, inwhich you compare how Cheryl looks alongside another female judge! Usually it would be Cheryl vs Dannii, but Dannii is currently on maternity leave, so each week during the audition stages of the show, there will be a guest judge filling the hole.

On the very first audition shows in Glasgow yesterday, Cheryl Cole, Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh welcomed former Spice Girl, Geri Halliwell to join them on the judging panel.

So down to business, checkout the pictures below and make your decision. Comments below please.

Cheryl Cole vs Geri Halliwell – Who Wore It Better?


  1. Scott Russell says:

    Chezza definately looked better :D
    she is stunnin in tht dress!

    I saw her yesterday, cos I was gatehanging at the Glasgow auditions :) I shouted “I love u tweedy” and she turned and waved to me and blew me a kiss :D
    I love Cheryl Tweedy :D (L)


  2. omg this is a no brainer, chezzaa all the way :)

  3. katie x says:

    cheryl defo no doubt about it y would ya turn up wearin jeans and jacket when ya no they always were dresses and like really nice suff not everyday things

  4. Cheryl Cole Obviusly. Cheryl Cole Is AMAZING!!!!!
    Love You Cheryl <3 <3

  5. Jessica says:

    Cheryl Tweedy Obviusly. Cheryl TWEEDY Is AMAZING!!!!!!!
    love You Cheryl Tweedy <3 <3

  6. sophie says:

    errrrr CHERYL geris just chillin in jeans :/

  7. angie says:

    cheryl looks more nicer than geri any day.my two boys and i love cheryl the bites. love angie xxxx

  8. August-y says:

    Hmm well gerri looksnice but cheryl does it for me ♥♥

  9. laurenn says:

    Gerri looks like she peed on the bottom of her shirt. (N).

    Cheryl :)

  10. Emma B says:

    CHERYL TWEEDY all the way I mean who wouldn't think she looked stunning in that dress I absolutley love it.
    x x x x

  11. Emma B says:

    Love you CHERYL TWEEDY x x x x

  12. Andreea says:

    Cheryl looks amazing

  13. Danielle says:

    CHERYL looks fab as usual!!!! I LOVE that dress to, just found it on a webiste! :oD Its hire only though

  14. Harry says:

    Geri would win the catfight but what's the point in asking who wore it better when they're not wearing the same? this is totally DAFT!

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