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Cheryl Cole vs Nadine Coyle: Solo Battle Edges Closer

Cheryl Cole vs Nadine Coyle: Solo Battle Edges Closer

It’s the battle that many in the music industry has been waiting for. After Cheryl Cole’s breakout success as a solo artist, fans and critics alike have been eagerly awaiting the launch of Nadine Coyle’s solo album. We can all agree that Nadine has the better voice, but will Cheryl’s huge popularity ensure she remains pop queen?

And that battle is edging closer by the minute, after the Irish beauty took to her twitter account to say her own solo show is on the way, although she’s been saying that for more than six months now!

Appealing to her adoring fans, she said: “I love getting your input. You’re my helpers worldwide. Where should we do the first live show? I’m thinking we make it a classy affair.

I just took a little break from song arrangements. Should it be a laid back bass lead track or an upbeat feelgood? I’d like both!” she wrote.

If Nadine is planning tours already, it must mean her solo album is coming together nicely as she continues to work hard in the studio.

But she has a massive fight ahead of her. Cheryl’s huge popularity with the general public, coupled with the fact Nadine hasn’t been in the UK for over six months, means this could be a one-horse race. Cheryl has the advantage of a very-high profile break up and divorce, The X Factor, the Black Eyed Peas tour and many other similar events, ensuring free publicity day in, day out. All publicity is good publicity, as they say, and it’s undoubtedly helped her shift millions of records.

Can Nadine somehow overcome her absence from the UK tabloid and magazines? I think she has an uphill battle ahead of her, and I fear that whatever she comes out with, it will be judged against Cheryl’s efforts, and will ultimately end in her being called a flop.

What do you guys think? Can Nadine Coyle come anywhere close to Cheryl’s massive solo success?


  1. sophie says:

    cheryl will beat nadine ALL the way

  2. katie x says:

    i think nadine will have the same succes really if she dont perform her 1st single on x factor or something i dont think she will coz every1 that perfoms on x factor get there number1 bu nadine does have the better voice even the i think cheryl is the best and i am obssed bu i hope they both have the same succses coz it might just create argument between them then no chance for girls aloud x

  3. manz22 says:

    bitch guna get merked… cheryl smashin it…nadine stroppy lil cow who jelous..manz just guna laugh when she starts spittin,,, cyyyaaa nadine.. la la la la,, la la la la weeyyyy heyyyy good byeeeeee!!

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