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Cheryl Cole Wants a Divorce and Says: 'Called me Cheryl TWEEDY!!!'

Cheryl Cole Wants a Divorce and Says: ‘Called me Cheryl TWEEDY!!!’

If recent reports are anything to go by, Cheryl Cole may have come to her senses regarding the fact that Ashley Cole is a lieing, cheating scumbag who deserves nothing more than to be thrown out of her £3.5 million mansion in Surrey.

The Girls Aloud star is reportedly seeking a divorce from football star Ashley following his sex-text scandal and following revelations of another affair.

And she’s urged her close friends and family to “Call me Cheryl Tweedy, NOT Cheryl Cole.

Cheryl apparently took the decision to get a divorce after consulting mum Joan Callaghan, and music mogul Simon Cowell. But she’s planned to get away from England for a week or two before she instructs her lawyers to start divorce proceedings, and was seen fleeing the country this morning.

He’s pushed her to the limit. She’ll never be able to forgive Ashley for his stupidity. She’s in bits and feels totally humiliated,” said the singer’s friend. “It’s the hardest decision Cheryl’s ever made because she loves Ashley, but he just keeps letting her down.

So although Cheryl seems to be making the right decision here, do you think she will actually go through with the divorce plans, or cave in to Ashley’s charm for a second time?


  1. kayleigh says:

    I think she will take him back, hence the wedding ring on this morning when leaving for LA :( x x x

  2. chloe says:

    good on her he will never stop cheating on her

  3. Livv. says:

    i'm undecided.
    if this is in the papers they usuallly talk bullshit, but she wasn't wearing her ACTUAL wedding ring this morning whilst leaving for LA it was infact a different ring on her wedding ring, which means she needs to get away to think about her desicion.

    hopefully she will come to her senses & leave Ashley cos she can do so much bettter BUT none of us know how much she loves him, and it could hurt her to leave him. Its up to her realllly! whatever she decides, but she needs to leave him before he strikes again.

    i love cheryl cole!:) xx.

  4. Chloe Newbold says:

    he will never stop cheating on her and plus she will not take him back after all the things that he has put that poor girl trough she will deffo not take him back.x love u cheryl.

  5. Andrew MacDonald says:

    It wasn't her wedding ring was it.

    It was a completely different ring than her wedding ring. Checkout the Sun's website, it shows you a picture of the ring she had one, side-by-side of her wedding ring.

  6. sophie says:

    I’m So So So happy about this and happy for her xxx

  7. kayleigh says:

    Oh sly one haha.

    Ashley = fucking dick, i really do despise him :@
    x x x

  8. Livv. says:

    No it wasn't wedding ring! :D so hopefully she's come to her senses!! :) x

  9. i rli dont lyk ashley anymore bu i dont fink all these storys r true bwt her getin a divorce coz she hasnt dun any interviews or nuffn yet so duno wa to believe x

  10. kayleigh says:

    Yeah i agree katie, well im just waiting until it comes from her or ashleys mouth, :( bless her :( x x x

  11. i hope not becuse he’s not worth it. there’s mr right out there for her. i am her no:1 fan of her.

  12. This is what is destined to happen when a girl marries a NIGG*. NIGG*s dont give a shit about responsibility, family value or whatsoever normal ppl would respect and try to cling to. These NIGG*s belong to subsaharan jungle, not to any civilized society.

  13. I think Ashley should be glad to get rid of Cheryl… She was just using him…

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