Cheryl Cole wants her beau Tre Holloway to meet Ashley Cole

Cheryl Cole wants to acquaint Tre Holloway with her ex-husband Ashley Cole.

The “Under The Sun” singer is keen to do this as she still keeps in touch with her former footballer spouse Ashley Cole and doesn’t want Tre to become threatened. Cheryl divorced Ashley Cole in September 2010 due to allegations that he cheated on her for several times.

A source tells the Daily Star newspaper that, Cheryl thinks it will be good things if Tre and Ashley get to meet up at some time, may be at the end of this year when things get a little calm. Cheryl is doing this as she doesn’t want this to become an issue later and besides she has no desire to change her surname.

Meanwhile, Tre Holloway who by the way hasn’t been in a serious relationship since Cheryl, doesn’t seem to be concerned about this whole “meet with Ashley Cole” thing. But he is intrigued by the man who Cheryl married and still remains in touch.

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