Cheryl Cole Wants Her Friends To Make Her 30th Birthday Special

cheryl cole Former Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole wanted all of her friends to “go out” and make her 30th birthday really special.

The Under The Sun singer will be 30-years-old on June 30 and said that she’s thankful for everything she’s got in her life so far. She told Notebook magazine that she’s very fortunate on wishing anything, so she honestly wants all her friends to give some nice presents.

Cheryl also said that she would never ask for birthday or Christmas gifts, but she’s turning 30, so this time they can all “go out”.

Earlier, the former X Factor judge told The Daily Mirror that she’s excited on turning 30 and is planning to throw three or four parties to celebrate. She also gushed that she’s thinks she lived a lot for her age and deserves to be 30.

Cheryl also said that she’s isn’t worried of having wrinkles as she thinks they’re “maps” of one’s life.

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