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Cheryl Cole Will NOT Settle Long-Running Feud with Lily Allen

Cheryl Cole Will NOT Settle Long-Running Feud with Lily Allen

It maybe the time of year for kissing and making up, but our feisty Cheryl Cole has absolutely no intention of forgiving and forgetting her ongoing feud with pop star Lily Allen.

The X Factor judge famously called Lily a “Chick With A Dick” on Gordon Ramsey’s F Word in 2007, and that was the beginning of the war. Cheryl Cole’s remarks about Allen were in response to Lily calling Nicola Roberts of Girls Aloud the “ugly one” and her husband Ashley Cole “horrendous.” (I actually agree with Lily’s assessment of Ashley Cole!)

In the Cheryl Cole Q Magazine Interview, which we published yesterday, Cheryl complained: “For another female artist to call you ugly is awful. Nicola’s been called ‘ginger’ all her life, then she makes something of her self and gets called ‘the ugly one’“. Cheryl continued: “I feel very productive of her and if that means calling Lily ‘whatever’ then I don’t care.

So as for the mantra of forgive and forget, it doesn’t really seem applicable in the Cheryl Cole vs Lily Allen war. Should Cheryl settle her differences with Allen??


  1. Elizabeth says:

    no, Lily shouldn't have called Nicola the ugly one. Just cuz she's ginger and different doesn't mean she's ugly. I think she gorgeous. Every body has different tastes Lily, if you don't like it, then keep quiet. It hurts peoples feelings when you say stuff like that. Good on you Cheryl for sticking up for you friend, i would've done the same. In fact, Lily you're the ugly one, take a look at yourself before you say anything. and how DARE YOU CALL CHERYL A STUPID BITCH.ARGHHHH

  2. E. Cottingley says:

    Team Lily all the way!!!
    So Lily calls your friend a name & you call her names back??? How very mature and 'awful' of you cheryl- it makes you just as bad. AT LEAST SHE DOESNT BEAT UP INNOCENT TIOLET ATTENDANTS!!!
    Which, everyone seems to have forgetten about!!!

  3. @xxbubblepopxx says:

    Team Cheryl, Lily is horrible, shows what life she has if she acctually goes out of her way to write a song just to be nasty to Cheryl. Just cause Nic is Ginger dnt mean shez Ugly, nd Ashley is not horrendous he just made a mistake wich many other ppl have as well, Cheryl has obv forgiven him so every1 else sud 2x

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