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Cheryl Cole WILL Return to X Factor 2010, Dannii's Future In Doubt

Cheryl Cole WILL Return to X Factor 2010, Dannii’s Future In Doubt

The X Factor 2010 So the 2009 season of The X Factor ended on Sunday evening, a night which saw Joe McElderry Win The X Factor. But within hours of the current season ending, there were rumours that Cheryl Cole would NOT return next year because she wants to start a family with Ashley, and launch her solo career in the States.

But yesterday Cheryl ended days of speculation, insisting WOULD be returning next year. There were also rumours that Simon Cowell would axe the show next year, unless ITV stumped up an additional £3 million to make the show even bigger in 2010. But ITV have ann0unced they will do everything they can to ensure the show will be back next year, and it’ll be bigger than ever.

Again, contrary to reports, Cheryl will return to The X Factor in 2010 with a massive payrise of £1.2 million, which will see her earnings on the show top £2.4 million for the three months of work involved. Simon Cowell has also suggested he will be moving The X Factor Final to a larger venue such as the O2 Arena, so that winners like Joe McElderry could perform in front of an audience in excess of 15,000 people.

The only doubts over the judging line up next year concern Dannii Minogue. The sexy Australian judge admitted yesterday that she was upset at being moved to the end of the judging panel. She told Heat Magazine: “I still have no idea why I was forced to move seats. I was told four different reasons by four different people, who all said it was the other persons decision.

She continued: “I like watching people play ‘pass the buck’. I actually thought I might be judging from the other side of the stage at one point.

Dannii also commented on the controversy surrounding the week that Lucie Jones got the axe in favour of Jedward, saying: “Next year, we need five judges and a fifth category, adding ‘Novelty Act’, which maybe Simon Cowell should mentor!!

Simon Cowell’s contract with ITV is also due to be renewed in the new year. He is currently re-negotiating his own £7.5 million salary for The X Factor. Once that’s been signed, The X Factor 2010 looks set to be the biggest and best series ever.

So do you think any of the judges should get the axe next year? Should the lineup remain the same? Leave your comments below…


  1. alexandra says:

    nooooooo danii must stay

  2. Elizabeth says:

    NOOOOOOO They're all very good, it's a really good mix. YAYY CHERYL'S STAYINNGGGGGXX.

  3. richardRobinson says:

    cheryl cole to stay good at it as she prove with joe so stay cheryl

  4. Hannah says:

    YESSSSS :)

  5. Cheryl Colee Fan says:

    aslong as cheryls there, im not that bothered. but it would be nice for dannii to stay:)xxx

  6. Danni Fan says:

    danni should stay, she is by far the best judge. I guess had Stacy sung with George Micheal she may well have made it to the finals. Cheryl is also great, but I dont understand why Simon treats Danni like this – perhaps it just to keep everyone interested…

  7. Rhiannah1995 says:

    Cheryl is my favourite judge, and she has proved that she is the best by winning two years in a row. i like Dannii, and she is an aussie like me, but she is not as good as cheryl. i don't really care if she leaves.

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