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Cheryl Cole: 'Will Young Helped Gay Contestants'

Cheryl Cole: ‘Will Young Helped Gay Contestants’

Cheryl Cole - The X Factor Sexuality Cheryl Cole took time to praise Will Young for helping gay contestants have the confidence to be open about their sexuality when they audition for The X Factor. Talking with ‘Attitude Magazine’, the judge told Young that he set the precedent by coming out after winning Pop Idol in 2002.

Cheryl said: “I think you maybe helped that by coming out. They don’t feel like they have to hide it anymore. They’ve watched you and they think they can succeed and be open with their sexuality.

During the first X Factor Live Show a few weeks ago, Dannii Minogue was embroiled in a sexuality row with Danyl Johnson, after she outed him as gay on live TV. Since the incident, Simon Cowell has instructed his fellow judges and hosts to NOT bring up the subject of contestant sexuality ‘under any circumstances.’

Cole claimed that she is not interested in a contestant’s sexual orientation but rather in their ability to sing and perform well.

She recently told reporters: “It’s kind of making an issue of something. People don’t come and go, ‘Hi! Hi! I’m straight! I’m straight! I’m gonna sing such and such’. You are what you are. You shouldn’t have to explain either way, whether you’re straight or gay. It shouldn’t be an issue.”

It should be a case of you’re talented. People like you. Full stop. I don’t think you should have to explain. I’m glad that shows like The X Factor are showing all the different types of people out there.

Do you agree with Cheryl Cole? Should it be more about a contestants talent, and NOT their sexuality that people focus on?

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