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Cheryl Cole Won’t Dirt Dish Ashley Cole In Her Autobiography

Cheryl Cole Won’t Dirt Dish Ashley Cole In Her Autobiography

We all know that Cheryl Cole is rolling out her official autobiography due in autumn this year, which will be published by HarperCollins Publishers. So its natural people would like to know the juiciest details with her relationship with her ex husband Ashley Cole.

However, it’s now known that Cheryl Cole, 29, won’t be telling the world anything like that instead she will be like dedicating only four pages to her ex husband. That is like each page for her four years of marriage to Ashley after they got divorced.

A source also reported that Cheryl won’t be writing anything much relating to her marriage.
Though she will pen down her opinions about her and Ashley, her fans won’t be getting those kind of sordid details as a couple, which they are so hopefully waiting for.

Instead Cheryl will be writing more about her working life, about the time she had while in Girls Aloud and the years she had on The X Factor.

Meanwhile, Ashley’s legal team will scour the book for any foul mouthing until they are satisfied before its publication.

However, Simon Cowell isn’t safe. He may have a ‘real kicking’ in the book. After all this is fair to all after what he approved to write of Cheryl in his own book, a source added.

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