Cheryl Cole’s Ex Husband, Ashley Cole Avoids Her Friends At A Club

Ashley Cole, Cheryl Cole’s former footballer husband makes himself scarce when he visited Rose Club in West London when Cheryl’s Girls Aloud bandmates Kimberley Walsh and Nicola Roberts walked in there.

Ashley was visiting with his friends when one of his friends noticed the girls come in and warned him, a source told The Sun.

The Girls Aloud singers were in the club to celebrate Sally’s birthday, Kimberly’s sister.

Ashley knew that Kimberly and Nicola are close friends with Cheryl. So he thought it won’t be a good idea if he bumped into them, the source said.

However, the Chelsea footballer was lucky as his ex-wife’s best friends didn’t notice him as the girls were having a pretty good time.

Ashley Cole and Cheryl Cole marriage ended after four years when Cheryl divorced him amidst allegations that Ashley cheated on her.

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