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Cheryl Cole's Fury at Naked Ashley Cole Pictures Scandal

Cheryl Cole’s Fury at Naked Ashley Cole Pictures Scandal

Yesterday we were one of the first online sources to publish news over the latest scandal involving Ashley Cole.

And today it’s emerged that Victoria Beckham is comforting angry Cheryl after explicit pictures of her husbamd Ashley ended up on a topless model’s mobile phone. Cheryl sat stoney-faced in the front of a chauffeur-driven car which collected Ashley from hospital last night where he had surgery on his broken ankle.

Earlier that day, Victoria Beckham phoned Cheryl Cole after hearing news of the story, and reportedly told Cheryl she can get over her marriage troubles by staying at the Beckham’s LA mansion if she wanted too. One photo which ended up on the models phone showed Ashley naked on a hotel bed.

Ashley Cole has blamed the whole situation on the fact he gave one of his old mobile phones to a friend which still contained the x-rated pictures of himself. Yesterday in my article I suggested that Ashley Cole DID indeed send the pictures, and because he has been caught out, he has asked his mate to take the rap for him. Many of you agreed with this idea in the comments area.

A close friend of the Beckhams said: “Victoria just wants to make sure Cheryl is OK. The offer’s there – and you can’t get a more relaxing and private environment than Vic’s LA home. If Cheryl needs some time to think and reflect, the Beckhams’ is the place to go.

Ashley Cole now has to explain to Cheryl why he took sexually explicit pictures of himself on an unregistered phone in a hotel room while he was away from her. While there is currently no suggestion that Cole has cheated with Sonia Wild – the topless model – he has been given an ultimatum after he cheated on Cheryl with Aimee Walton two years ago never to betray Cheryl again.

What is most incriminating for Ashley is the fact he was using an unregistered mobile phone to take these photos. Why would he be using an unregistered phone if he wasn’t trying to hide something from Cheryl?? If these x-rated pictures were indeed innocent, wouldn’t he have taken them on his own phone???

The fact he used an unregistered phone, and these pictures were sent from that phone to the model seems very suspect to me. I personally think he’s been caught out again, and is asking his mate to take the rap.  What do you guys think? Leave a comment below…


  1. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Ashley Cole has been caught out again.

    Time to wise up and stop being Ashley's mug Cheryl. He is quite clearly a love rat who is never going to change. He is as bad as the rest of those footballers, John Terry included.

    Ashley Cole = SCUM!!!

  2. sophie says:

    he just gets worse and worse.
    Why? if you had a wife as gorgeous as Cheryl?
    Hes a selfish twat and she deserves SO much better!

  3. katie says:

    Omgg She Looks Ded Sad Bu For some Reason I Du Belive Ashley


  4. Chloe says:

    he just get worse every week

  5. adele says:

    Cheryl seems so glum and hurt,but we have to let Cheryl decided what or how to deal with this we should not make it harder or more upsetting for her if Ashley is stupid enough not to realize what he has in Cheryl then he is the most stupid man on the planet and doesn't deserve Cheryl

  6. karen says:

    cheryl cole is gorgeous and i do feel sorry for her but a part of me thinks that she deserves what she gets for taking him bak in the 1st place

  7. Elizabeth says:

    look at cheryl :'( i've been reading every report about this ASSley shit. just reading what cheryl's saying like 'she's still deeply in luv with him' or 'I just can't do this anymore'. it breaks my heart to know how much Cheryl luvs Ashley, but he fails her every single time. Cheryl's been through enough lately she doesn't need this added shit. You can see this time, it's hit her again cuz she cancelled all her valentines plan to continue rehearsing for her BRIT performance.
    Whatever you do Cheryl, your whole entire troop will be behind you cuz we luv you that much xx. :D dont worry, everything will be alright :) lluv you babe, keep strong

  8. Soph and Han says:

    cheryl looks so so cute in this we want to go give her a hug!!!!

  9. Danny Leeds says:

    she should concentrate on her marriage then not her career so much. poor chap never sees her!

  10. Andrew MacDonald says:

    The poor chap never see's her???

    HAHA FUCKING HAHA! Lets all feel sorry for poor Ashley Pissing Cole. The cheating lowlife scumbag doesnt get to see his wife on a daily basis. There there Ashley. That means your allowed to go and sleep with whomever you like.

    Funny how housewives up and down the country manage to stay faithful for six months at a time while their husbands are away fighting wars. And because Ashley doesn't get to see his Cheryl ALL the time, that's his meal ticket to every pussy in town.

    Not on my fuckin nelly!!!

  11. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Me too darlin. Me too!

  12. sophie says:


  13. Don't blame him for cheating to be honest – sticks get boring.

  14. cheryl rocks she can do better than ashley she should of got rid of hom years ago:):):):)

  15. Leigh says:

    Cheryl you can do much better your beautiful!! F**k ashley hes scum ;) dont forget youv got all of your fan supporting you. dont listen to the silly little people who think diffrent!!! xx Your a total Legend!!

  16. Nadia.T says:

    Love u Cheryl and think ur 2 good 4 him. Say hi to Lloyd 4 me, I am his #1 fan!<3 u ( and Lloyd) and go get ur self a real man who will treat u properly. I know its hard 2 get over some1 who is a total jerck (trust me, been there, done that) but it will only break ur heart more thinking about jow much u love him. No point waisting years sobbing over him, i regret doing it, so just try ur hardest 2 get over him. love u cheryl

  17. juice says:

    gay bastard

  18. arse wipe

  19. HOW THE HELL CAN U BELEIVE THAT UGLY LIAR????????????????????????

  20. i’ll drink to that (: cheryl – most amazing woman in the world xxxxx

  21. u tell em! he is SUCH a wasteman x

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