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Cheryl Cole's Fury at Simon Cowell's Stripper Insult

Cheryl Cole’s Fury at Simon Cowell’s Stripper Insult

The X Factor Live Show 1 Pictures It was supposed to be the first chance for the viewing public to see their favourite X Factor Finalists perform for the very first time to the public.

Instead, the judges stole the show in an evening rocked by massive rows on the judges panel.

Dannii Minogue almost lost her job by making a jibe at the sexuality of Simon Cowell’s favourite act, while Cheryl Cole flew into a rage when Simon implied she and Dannii were no better than strippers in their professional career as popstars.

Simon Cowell lost his temper in the final few minutes of the show when Dannii Minogue referred to stories in the press about Danyl Johnson being bisexual. The sexy Australian singer told Danyl Johnson after his pitch-perfect performance of I Am Telling You by Whitney Houston: “No need to change the gender references, if we’re to believe everything we read in the press.

A furious Simon Cowell could barely contain his rage as he shouted: “WHAT DID YOU SAY???” Dannii rather smugly repeated her comments, leaving Simon seething.

Simon snappily responded by saying: “I think we’re missing something here. I just heard one of the best performances I ever heard in my life. And you can forget playing any of those games with him. I’m not having that. This guy sang his heart out. Give him some credit.

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The X Factor Live Show 1 Pictures


  1. Simon give Danni a smack on her ass for that very rude comment..she's getting worried!!!! behave your selves girls xChristine

  2. kelly owen says:

    If i'm honest, Danni's comment DID shock me, as in I was aghast when she said it, and that was immediately replaced by my feeling incredibly uncomfortable when Simon asked her what she had said and she repeated it! That said, after reading reports this morning, and coming to realise that Danyl has already blabbed to the press that he's bi (clearly to maximise his exposure pre-show), what's the problem? Danni is simply calling him on the fact that he's going via ANY route to make himself noticed, playing the Bisexual card, plus, sexuality shouldn't raise an eyebrow anymore, we're in the 21st century, people who are of the notion that Danni is homophobic need to shake their heads, she's just trying to ensure that people go through on their talent and not because of media hype.

  3. Hakeem says:

    Hi! My name is Hakeem. Please could you get some more pics of Cheryl on the live show with that gold dress on because I want to save them on my computer and put them on my phone. Cheryl looked gorgeous on the live show. Please get a load more pics please!
    Thank you and bye!

  4. i cant believe what danni said about poor danyl…i was so shocked i had to rewind it again on demand preview to see if she really did say what she did……if it was my choice i'd sue her ass….at the end of the day weather danyl is gay,straight,bisexual…..he didnt desurve that….besides he isnt on the x-factor for those reasons….hes on theyre to prove he can bloody well sing his arse off……i never liked danni from the begining,,ever since her bust up with sharron osbourne,,,but this just putys the iceing on the cake…i say you sack danni and bring back sharron…..i bet the whole nation would agree with me…sharron,loui,simon and cheryl would all be wicked together…BRING SHARRON BACK….SACK THAT DANNII !!!!!!1

  5. becca says:

    eurgh. cheryl is a hypercrite though. her band dress provocatively. that official calendar this year shows it and the fact they danced round poles on tour. look at pussycat dolls they are too yet they can make it. so why would kandy rain have a problem? fair enough they wanna be taken seriously but their doing it wrong in that way. dannii really was way out of order to danyl. she should have been sacked.

  6. adele says:

    i think what Danni said was a little much I'm gay and i was very shocked.
    i think Simon was way out of line saying what he did about Cheryl and Danni they don't dress like strippers and they have never dressed like Kandy rain did the stage clothes that Cheryl wears are sexy not bare all, it was absolutely disgusting its a family show my seven year old niece watched that.

  7. When i watched it, I actually didn't notice until it was mentioned in the papers.
    It's still quite shocking though, when I did see it.

  8. marina says:

    simon only said that because that is the kind of woman he likes that is why he is not married because he is a prat

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