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Cheryl Cole's Got Rival Idol

Cheryl Cole’s Got Rival Idol

Cheryl Cole X Factor America Yesterday, we here at this Cheryl Cole Fansite reported that Cheryl Cole is set to star in a US version of The X Factor, as the lead judge. Well reports have surfaced on the Internet and in tabloids today which claim Louis Walsh is set to follow Cheryl and appear alongside her.

Simon Cowell is planning to take the hugely popular X Factor brand to America next year, and wants his two sidekicks to take part.

Music mogul Simon Cowell is already talking to US channel chiefs about launching the show as a ‘friendly rival’ to American Idol. Although talks are in their early stages, the chiefs are already in the UK watching the two judges in action whilst filming X Factor auditions for the current series, which is being filmed as we speak.

Simon has tapped up Louis and Cheryl to become judges on the new show, but he is ‘highly unlikely’ to appear on the show himself. He is in talks about signing a megabucks deal with American Idol which is worth $144 million per year to him, so we can all safely say he will not turn that contract down.

An insider said: “Simon is really keen on bringing The X Factor to America as it has been such a big hit in the UK. And he is convinced the yanks will love Cheryl and Louis. He’s made no secret of the fact he wants to expand his TV interests around the world and this is one of the first big ideas he’s got. Its early days be he hopes to get it on air by next year.”

More news on this story as we get it…


  1. Dont like will young and never have she should of got gary barlow from take that he is more knowledgable than will young. Why has she ditched kimberley from being her guest judge they were great together last year plus they are best of mates the closest in the band you can't just dump her after one year.

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