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Cheryl Cole's Intimate Swimming Pool Plan's Foiled

Cheryl Cole’s Intimate Swimming Pool Plan’s Foiled

Cheryl and Ashley Cole Swimming Pool Earlier this year we broke news that Cheryl and Ashley Cole had applied for planning permission to have an underground swimming pool, gym and sauna built at their home in Surrey.

But despite Cheryl’s pleas that she needed an underground pool to prevent low-flying aircraft snapping pictures of her in a bikini, the council have turned down the planning application, calling the development “non essential.”

Cheryl Cole and husband Ashley are now planning to go about their construction plans above ground, somewhere on the 12 acres of land which surround their £3.5 million house in Surrey.

In the papers submitted to City planners, Cheryl and Ashley said they had “suffered from a number of incidents, including helicopters with photographers flying over and bogus officials attempting to gain access.” The paperwork also claim the ground on which their house stands in Shackleford, Surrey could easily be seen from a public walkway.

Guildford Borough Council felt it was inappropriate for the Green Belt, and turned down the celebrity couples planning request. “While I note the occupants clearly suffer a certain level of intrusion into their private lives, I am not satisfied that these facilities are essential,” said Philippa Jarvis, the local planning official dealing with the Cole’s application.

Do you think Cheryl and Ashley Cole should have been given planning permission for their underground swimming pool and gym? Leave a comment below…


  1. Shoshie says:

    they should i mean they do need privacy and its not as if they can just go to the local swimming bath if they want a swim ILYL Cheryl x

  2. richardRobinson says:

    wish cherly clle a happy nnew year fro me and can she acspet me oon faceboook

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