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Cheryl Coles J-Lo Wish

Cheryl Coles J-Lo Wish

Cheryl Cole Cheryl Cole has today revealed she is fed up with being skinny, and wishes she had a fuller figure such as Jennifer Lopez’s.

The X Factor babe has said: “I don’t want to be thin, I hate looking thin. I don’t want to be up and down like a lollipop lady. It’s not a good look.

Chery Cole, who is notably thinner than her Girls Aloud band mates continued: “I love curves. I hate the fact that I have no bum. I get called flatty batty. I’d love to have more junk in the trunk. Ideally, I’d have a body like Jennifer Lopez…

The sexy singer, who has recently been named as the style icon of the decade did say that she wouldn’t swap her wardrobe for that of J-Lo‘s: “I would dress differently to her. I’d dress like I do now. I’m happy with my style.
At least Mrs Cole is happy with something then! Cheryl and her Girls Aloud band mates go on their Out of Control Tour this Friday April 24th 2009.


  1. JLo_Pics says:

    I think Cheryl would actually suit having Jennifer's curves

  2. Nakhieraematt says:

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