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Cheryl Cole's Leaked Single - Puzzle

Cheryl Cole’s Leaked Single – Puzzle

Cheryl Cole Solo Song - Puzzle Whilst we have no real confirmation this is the case yet, there has been a song by Cheryl Cole which has appared on YouTube called ‘Puzzle‘, which sounds very good indeed.

Instead of writing about it, im going to let the song do the talking. Whether or not this is a leaked version of Cheryl Cole’s ‘Puzzle’, its a very good song, and one which i think will do very well in the charts.

A big thanks to Gillian @CherylAddict_GM for the tip.

Cheryl Cole – Puzzle

What do you guys think?


  1. Not too keen on it. Doesn’t sound like Cheryl at ALL. Obviously a LOT of voice tweaking has gone into it…

  2. katie says:

    i fink this song is gr8 and it will du very well in the charts

    x <3

  3. So she's going pop-rock chic is she? That explains the red hair. As I expected, lots of Autotune on the vocals. Although this will be passed off as an effect by her and her producers, it just proves that her voice is below average and her looks are what keep her in the limelight; Cheryl was arguably the 2nd best singer in GA when they started but she's APPALLING nowadays, easily the worst of the bunch when live, with next to no ability to pitch her notes (check out the GA live lounge 'Apologise' session on Youtube if you don't believe me, they can't sing live, which is pretty disgraceful considering how much practice they've all had at singing together…). Don't think the song is very strong either, but it will sell – her high media profile and publicity machine will make sure of that.

  4. sorge85 says:

    I LOVE this track and think it will definetely be top 3, in fact I'll be surprised if it doesnt make number 1!! I don't think their is any autotune on the vocals, I think its just a crackly recording of the song! Cross between Sheryl Crow and Mel C. Very interesting sound! Can't wait for the album, especiallly if Gary Barlow will pen tracks for her!!

  5. HeatherAnne09 says:

    i think that this song is realllly catchy, but i must say even though it does sound like cheryl it has an awful lot of sound effects in the song, so its not actually all her voice, its been played about with,
    but it is a good song,
    well done chezzaaaa :):)

  6. millieboo says:

    Love cheryl but the song is a bit boring, not a ballad but not a dance floor song either. Plus I agree with others that vocals are played with way too much with autotune. Shame!

  7. emmzypot says:

    I think it is amazin.
    It really shows off what she can do.
    It is soo catchy heard it once now humin the tune.
    Its the best song ever!!!!


  9. First of all I like Cheryl! The song is catchy but she should have shown her vocal range more!This song really doesn't stand out to me.If it wasn't Cheryl,I probably wouldn't think it was catchy! :( .She could do better! :(

  10. dont matter what she sings cheryl is top top drawer girl stuff.her hubby luckiest bloke in the world.[jealous guy].

  11. the song is whack

  12. her single is called fight for this love chris moyles is playing it on monday at 8.00am due for release on monday 19th october, her album is called Three words due for release on 26th october.Go to the official girls aloud website.

  13. iluvcheryl says:

    how can u say they cant sing live i have seen them many times and every time they have been amazing. cheryl cole is amazing she has a great voice if she didnt she wouldnt have the likes of will i am beyonce and james morrison wanting to work with her!!

  14. Bluesky says:

    ??????????????????? oh dear

  15. Michaela Lefley says:

    hi this is michaela's: son you r fit

  16. WeLoveChezza<3 says:

    This song isnt even ON her album !
    Her single is Fight For This Love and her 2nd single is 3 Words being released on the 18th December….but im sure you all know that lmao
    would like this track to be a B-Side to somethingg thoough…its very goooooood and deserves to be used ;)
    Love you so muchhh chez my idol xxxxxxxx

  17. cheryl's no 1 fan xx says:

    Whoaaa thats amazin she my idol <3 tha songg is amazin i wud defo buy it xxx hope it goes into chartss n i can related to all the stories behind her songs because i lyked this lad n he clearly lyked me and he was scared cuz wen i asked him if he lyked me he was with his m8z nn they wud skit him so he sed no n on fb l8r tha nite he told me tha he did n now am in a realationship wif him (it just lyk her song fight for this love) shes my idol <3 lv yu bbe keep up dey gd workk xxx ;)

  18. hana 01 says:

    dont buy it!! part sounds like her but i think sum genius whiz kid created it…..lol

  19. @xxbubblepopxx says:

    this sounds more lyk Florence & The Machine than Cheryl Cole!:D

  20. XxXxX says:

    The song's OK, but I don't think it really suits her or sound like her at all! :S It would probably suit someone like Alex Burke with a London accent more than someone like Cheryl with a Geordie accent. (No offence to Geordies-the accent's ace, it just doesn't suit the song very well.) Sorry, Chez. :( :|

  21. This doesn't sound like her at all.

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