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Cheryl Cole's Lingo Baffled Lloyd Daniels

Cheryl Cole’s Lingo Baffled Lloyd Daniels

Lloyd Daniels Single WAE’AYE man? In an interview yesterday, last week’s looser on The X Factor, Lloyd Daniels, admitted he found it hard to understand his mentor, Cheryl Cole – because of her thick Geordie accent.

The young singer confessed his mentor’s lingo meant he couldn’t always follow her instructions, but he again maintained that he and Joe McElderry were treated fairly by Cole, despite the rumours she spent more time with Joe.

Lloyd Daniels said: “I didn’t think she backed him more than she backed me, Joe was note perfect, every judge seemed to like Joe which they didn’t with me, there’s a lot of support for Joe. She’s someone to look up to, I had the best mentor. I had a bit of trouble with the accent but that was it – it was hilarious.

Lloyd also mentioned he has received a ton of fan mail containing love letters, phone numbers and more. He even admitted phoning three of his admirers to say thank you for their gifts: “They didn’t say much to be honest, they were just screaming down the phone.

Would anybody like a phone call from Lloyd Daniels? Send him some fan mail, you may be lucky ;-)

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