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Cheryl Cole's New Panic Over Solo Career

Cheryl Cole’s New Panic Over Solo Career

Cheryl Cole Solo Career Girls Aloud babe Cheryl Cole is said to be suffering a crisis of confidence over her upcoming solo career. The star is reportedly been suffering anxiety because of the pressure she is under to become as successful as she has with her Girls Aloud bandmates.

The 25-year-old is being tormented by pannic attacks and self-doubt about going it alone, even though she has a world-class production team behind her. And according to well placed sources for Cheryl Cole, Cheryl has even turned around in a fit of pannic and told her management: “This could be a disaster. I dont want to end up a flop like Victoria Beckham.

Cheryl has given her solo plans four months to become a success, although no one else around her beleives she will fail. “Its a big deal to Cheryl” says an insider. “She’s terrified of being made a fool of in front of millions of people.

Her management are officially saying that she’s just concentrating on solo plans and The X Factor, but of course they’d love her to crack America in due course. All this is happening when she’s just four weeks away from filming the first auditions for The X Factor. Cheryl has a very fragile ego. Even when things are going right for her, she’s scared it’ll suddenly go very wrong.

Cheryl has admitted that she had to take antidepressants as a teenager. In the Girls Aloud autobiography Dreams That Glitter, the singer confessed: “I’d been clinically depressed and dangerously underweight. I was having terrible panic attacks and suffered from anxiety. I was 5st 11lb at my worst point, like a walking corpse.

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