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Cheryl Cole’s New Video, “Under The Sun” Released

Cheryl Cole’s New Video, “Under The Sun” Released

Cheryl Cole has indeed graduated from walking sensuously in the reservoirs of Los Angeles in her Call My Name music video to strolling around in the retro mood in London streets in her new video, Under The Sun. The music video directed by Alex Da kid in now available on the internet.

Under The Sun is the second song taken from Cheryl’s latest album, A Million Lights.

Acting as a naughty minx, in the video, at first she pulls out a cigarette from a dude’s mouth in a cafe, and then heads to the streets with her red waist high skintight skirt with a beehive hairdo, she marches she scandalizes the neighborhood with her grinding and bumping.

Later, the UK songstress starts dancing with a bunch of grey suited gentlemen to some warehouse to have some BDSM action with a couple of shirtless guys. All of this takes her back to the coffee shop, where Cheryl with her curves, “entertains” a pack of army men. Seems like she is ready to do anything that’s, “Under The Sun”.

Under The Sun will be released officially in the UK on September 2.

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