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Cheryl Cole's Official Music Video For 'Parachute'

Cheryl Cole’s Official Music Video For ‘Parachute’

Cheryl Cole is releasing her third solo single on 15th of March 2010, but officially previewed it for the first time on TV earlier this morning.

As you can see in the pictures, our leaked pictures from last night showing Cheryl Cole’s Parachute Video Pictures turned out to be genuine. Check it out below.

Official Cheryl Cole – Parachute Video

What do you think of it? Leave your comments below …


  1. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Love the video, as ever, Cheryl Cole never fails to disappoint. The song is definitely better than 3 Words, but not as good as Fight For This Love, in my opinion. But that opinion might change. I HATED FFTL at first, but now love it, so this one might grow on me a little.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    i luved this video so so so so much. it's STUNNING. and Cheryl looks absolutely gorgeous. omg i can't put in words how much i luv the video and Cheryl its CRAZY

  3. lisa bish says:

    fantastic song, great dancer isnt she! totally loving the video tho preffered the dancing on a night in with cheryl cole

  4. Frankie Lewis says:

    i really like this song. much better than the last, it didnt show you as an amazing singer that you you are. :D this song just makes my day :D i like the video too, great eye candy ;)

  5. kayleigh says:

    Not really much to say, love the video love the song, love youuu x x x

  6. awesome video…love it!!!! xxx

  7. Christopher McMillan says:

    I love her song and she does need a Pararcute. Love you Cheryl xxxx

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