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Cheryl Coles Secret Weapon to Keep Eye on Ashley

Cheryl Coles Secret Weapon to Keep Eye on Ashley

Cheryl Cole and Mum Joan Callaghan Cheryl Cole has found a great way to keep an eye on her wayward husband, Ashley Cole. Clearly the CCTV system at the couples £3.5 million Surrey Mansion isn’t enough, so Cheryl Cole is moving her mother into her property.

The Girls Aloud singer is planning to convert one of the outbuildings on her estate into a bungalow for her mother, Joan Callaghan, 49. Apparently though, Ashley Cole is less than pleased with news that his mother-in-law would be moving in.

Cheryl and Ashley Cole submitted a planning applications for a single-storey building conversion several months ago, and have just received news the plans have been approved by authorities.

A source close to the couple has said: “Cheryl and Joan are so close they are like sisters, and Cheryl cant wait to have her around. She has always relied heavily on her mum for emotional support and when Ashley was caught cheating, it was Joan who Cheryl turned to.

The source continued: “Ashley is not thrilled but he hasn’t got much say in it. He would like to have Cheryl to himself a bit more and feels awkward under the watchful eye of his mother-in-law.” (don’t all blokes?)

Ashley Cole seems to attract trouble wherever he goes. He was outed last year for cheating on his wife by News of The World, and earlier this year while Cheryl was climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for Comic Relief, he was arrested and put in the cells for the night for being drunk and disorderly.

Cheryl Cole's Surrey House The source added: “Joan wont be around all the time, but this way she can keep a watch on Ashley and the house when Cheryl is away.” So how did Cheryl persuade Ashley to allow the mother-in-law to move in? She promised he could have a football pitch built in the back garden of their Surrey mansion.

Unfortunately for the couple, who have an estimated £30million fortune, they can not build a luxury swimming pool and gym beneath their house. Just earlier this month their planning application for the pool/gym was rejected by officials. Cheryl was particularly disappointed, and has appealed in the hopes the decision will be reversed.

Im sure all of this work will cost many hundreds of thousands of pounds; Who said there was a recession???


  1. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Cheryl Cole should take ALL precautions necessary to keep an eye on that slimy git. She should have dumped him the minute he slept in somebody else's bed. Cheating scumbag.

  2. brad of north east says:

    gordie lass threw and threw. you kan take the girl out of newcastle but you carnt take the gordie of the girl

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