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Cheryl Cole's Underwear Wedgie in Minidress

Cheryl Cole’s Underwear Wedgie in Minidress

Cheryl Cole Wedgie Being a famous celebrity can be a real pain in the ass sometimes. Here Cheryl Cole becomes the latest victim of the fashion faux pas.

The Girls Aloud stunner was forced to rearrange her gorgeous yellow minidress after her underwear appeared to ride uncomfortably high in public while on her way into the recording studio yesterday.

Cheryl’s in America this week taking a break from her X Factor duties to work on solo material with Black Eyed Peas producer Will.I.Am. Cheryl has been seen each day sporting an array of bright outfits for the gorgeous Los Angeles weather.

The yellow minidress she was seen in here was teamed with a thin golden belt, massive Christian Louboutin heels and a slouchy tan leather bag. Yesterday Cheryl Cole got tangoed as she was snapped wearing a stylish orange tiered shift dress.

Cheryl’s been working flat out recently, and her trip to the states is for her to focus all her time and energies into creating an amazing debut solo-album, which is expected to hit stores in October.

Will.I.Am, who has worked with Cheryl before on his hit single Heartbreaker, says: “We started off with a really mega tune and now the bar is set high.

From all of us at this Cheryl Cole Fansite, we wish you the best of luck Cheryl. We cant wait for your single to hit the shops.


  1. CandyKisses_x says:

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