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Cheryl Cole's X Factor Finalists Blasted

Cheryl Cole’s X Factor Finalists Blasted

Cheryl Cole X Factor Finalists Cheryl Cole was seen on TV this weekend choosing her final three acts to go through to the X Factor Live Shows.

She will be mentoring the boys category this year, and has put her faith on Joe McElderry, Rikki Loney and Lloyd Daniels. But some of her fellow celebrities believe Cheryl has made the wrong decisions.

Pop singer Adele spoke at the BMI Music Industry Awards last night, and is quoted as saying: “I do love all the boys that Cheryl picks but I think she should have picked Duane aswell, the black boy. I thought he was amazing. I think them three boys all sound a little bit similar so I think she should have gone for Duane.

She also admitted she has a soft spot for Rikki Loney: “Rikki Loney – He sang my song didn’t he? Definitely, I really like him, but i think Dannii and Simon have the strongest categories this year.”

2008 finalist Austin Drage also claimed that Cheryl made a mistake when picking her finalists this year.

Austin told Live from Studio Five: “I think Cheryl got it wrong, didn’t she? I was a Duane fan. I thought what Duane did was really current. He did Ne-Yo, he had the whole thing going on. It really killed him, didnt it? I know Duane and Rikki quite well personally, and Duane’s got such a great vocal. Rikki’s got a good voice as well and they both want it badly, but it’s really hurt Duane.

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