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Cheryl Dumps Ashley Cole for The World Cup

Cheryl Dumps Ashley Cole for The World Cup

Cheryl Cole Dumps Ashley Cole X Factor beauty Cheryl Cole has told talkSPORT that she will not be there supporting husband Ashley Cole at the World Cup in 2010.

Cheryl told the sports channel that she’ll be “far too busy” to be able to attend the huge football event next summer. She has essentially told Ashley that her solo singing career and The X Factor is more important to her, than going along and supporting her husband at one of the biggest matches of his professional life.

Chery told them: “Ive just been too busy to be honest, i haven’t even thought about it. I don’t really get involved with the whole ‘WAG’ culture, I just do my own thing.”

Cheryl Cole also joked during the interview that she’s told X Factor supremo, Simon Cowell that he ‘needs’ a new hairstyle. She said: “Ive told him time and time again. He just doesn’t listen to anyone. He thinks he’s gorgeous. You know what he’s like.

Perhaps you really should listen to Cheryl Cole, Simon. To be fair, she has been voted Sexiest Woman in The World, and received many Style Awards.

Back to The World Cup, is Cheryl right to focus on her own career, or should she be supporting her husband at the match? Leave us a comment…


  1. danielle says:

    i think she should focus on her career as she has got loads 2 do her solo and x factor x

  2. daniel smith says:

    to be honest with you life goes on…. and what i mean by this is…… when you are not famous and you have to go to work 7 days a week do you take your husband/wife/gf/bf… the answer is no you dont… when you are famous its the same and when 2 famous people get together they have mutual respect on what they do with their carear, im sure cheryl does want to support ashley cole and be there but she has a carear to run too. either way they both together will have a mutual agreement and aslong as they both are happy what does it matter :)

  3. kirsty simpson says:

    She should think about her own career, ashley doesn't deserve her! She could do alot better then him. But she's happy!<3

  4. hilary says:

    cheryl never said she wouldn't be there just that she hadn't thought about it dont't forget they have only just qualified she can now start thinking about it and making plans but she wont't be able to see him as much as last time as fabio capello has banned them to 1 day after each match. South africa is a long way just for the occasional get together with your partner.If she does the x factor the audition process clashes with the world cup so she won't be able to go.I think we have to wait until when it comes around and depending on her other work commitmens as girls aloud are back together next year with another album i am sure she would love to support her husband if she could

  5. Emma B says:

    Cheryl is entitiled to her own opinion and in many of the choices she has made she has made the right one. Well Done Cheryl!:)
    I LOVE YOU CHERYL x x x x

  6. Diane says:

    So its not like he supports her on x factor

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