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Cheryl: I Want Girls Aloud to Crack America

Cheryl: I Want Girls Aloud to Crack America

Cheryl Cole Solo in LA X Factor beauty Cheryl Cole has revealed she would like her band, Girls Aloud to crack America in the future.

The 5 members of Girls Aloud have all agreed to a ‘temporary split‘ while they each work on their solo projects, but Cheryl Cole, who is currently creating her solo album and filming the new series of X Factor, has confirmed that she would like the band which made her famous to be judged on their own merits across the pond, rather than being compared to their Spice Girls predecessors.

Speaking recently to OK Magazine, Cheryl explained: “I think any artist would like to break America. If you can break there, you can break anywhere. It’s a big big deal, and a lot different to us. I’d like the success of breaking in America, but we’re not the Spice Girls – we’re not musically like them, we dont look like them.

Nadine Coyle claimed last year that Girls Aloud have been reluctant to try for success in the US, despite major interest from record labels there.

At the time she said: “Labels want to sign us. But we’re asking ourselves whether we really want to start off from scratch doing all the crap to work our way up again or are we happy at the level we are now – where we have a safe haven in the States where no-one knows you we are or what we’re doing?

There have been many reports that Cheryl Cole is close to securing TV deals in the states, and pretty much has her TV career carved out, if she wanted to take it, but Cheryl has said she wants to concentrate on her solo music career right now.

Should Girls Aloud try break America? Leave a comment…


  1. Yes they should. I'm a huge fan of Cheryl and I know pretty good about Girls Aloud and I'm from a America! They really should come out here. I would definitely go to a show of theirs if they came here in the states!

  2. Nikki says:

    i think thy should they've got all th support in the UK and thy r well know over here… so i think its time for thm to get even bigger thn thy already r.. nd hw thy do tht is to crack the U.S. Im a huge fan of Girls Aloud and Cheryl Cole have been since the beginning bac in 2002… so i just wont th girls to do wht thy think is right… any true Girls Aloud fan would wont th same thing for thm.

  3. marina says:

    i wish them good luck and that would help them to become the best girl band in the world

  4. hana 01 says:

    i think its a bit too late for that! they are like what 27yrs old now? lets say they go on till 30……3 yrs wud be too short to carve their name in the american market……all that hard wrk the will put out just to be average doesnt seem worth it!
    besides…i dont think our side of the world wud be too interested……what we consider a band is a rock band…..we dont really accept music groups that easily….boy bands are considered gay………and girl bands arent taken seriously unless they look like and dance like strippers like pussycat dolls!

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