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Cheryl May Cancel X Factor Debut Performance

Cheryl May Cancel X Factor Debut Performance

Cheryl Cole, The X Factor Performance This was set to be one of the highlights to the new series of The X Factor, Cheryl Cole to perform her debut single live, but those plans may be scrapped because the star is just too nervous.

It was announced that the Girls Aloud singer was set to launch her solo career from her debut performance on The X Factor, which would have been a great marketing ploy for her, however Cheryl wants to cancel her performance, a source claims.

An insider reportedly told Now Magazine: “Although she’s worked with some of the biggest producers in pop, she feels lost without the rest of Girls Aloud. She isn’t considered the strongest singer in the band and she’s in a blind panic about singing on the show. She hasn’t yet agreed to appear on the show because she’s so nervous, but we’re not sure how much choice she’ll have.

She has been told to look after her vocal chords as much as possible from now on, but she’s still smoking, which isn’t helping her voice, even though it eases the stress.

I personally am very wary of these ‘sources’, but if the rumour is true, a lot of Cheryl Cole’s fans will be very disappointed. Cheryl made the step to go solo, and sooner or later, she’ll have to confront her fears, or ditch her plans to be a solo artist. Yesterday we reported on the rumour that Cheryl Cole has another ambition, but its not to become a solo singer. Read ‘Cheryl Cole’s Secret Ambition

Cheryl did come off the judging panel last year to perform The Promise with Girls Aloud on the show, but she is said to be worried of performing solo in front of Mr Cowell.

Lets all hope Cheryl Cole can overcome her fears, as this will be the ideal platform from which to launch her solo career. Have you heard Cheryl Cole’s Single Yet? Its rumored to be the leaked version of ‘Puzzle’.

What do you guys think?


  1. AWWW NOOOOO!!! i was so loooking forward to her performingg, i think she would be really amazingg even without Girls Aloud!! and everybody who will want her to perform won't mind if she isnt that goood b'cos we all lovee her and know she's REALLY nervouuus!! i lovee herrrr. xx

  2. She will perform, Cheryl is no let down, it will be a massive thing for her to go solo after appearing with the girls all these years but I just know Cheryl will not let herself or her fans down
    I and many others all have faith in her and I know she will do us all proud
    Love u Cheryl xx

  3. daniirulesp says:

    Everybody knows there is hardly any singing talent here. She is freaking out cause she realises that each and every contestant of the show is already a better singer than she ever will be. Sadly enough, you cannot have a voice job done yet. Well, at least she is not delusional.

  4. CCFan says:

    I cannot believe you said that daniirulesp, I was really looking forward to that :(
    Tell her to imagine everyone naked :S
    AND SINCE WHEN DID SHE SMOKE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  5. C.Cole.sux says:

    She cant sing – some of you are just deaf.

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