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Cheryl to 'Become The Next Britney Spears'

Cheryl to ‘Become The Next Britney Spears’

Cheryl Cole X Factor Cheryl Cole is reportedly working with the producers behind the hugely successful global popstar, Britney Spears, and looks set to become the British version of Britney.

Girls Aloud recently announced they would be making a ‘temporary split’ after their Out of Control Tour finished a few months ago, so the girls could each pursue solo projects, with the option of going back to Girls Aloud, when the time is right. According to insiders, Cheryl Cole has been working flat out on her solo album, and its set to be released within the next few months.

It was originally tipped for release next year, so Cheryl has certainly been working hard to get her solo material out before her fellow Girls Aloud bandmates.

Apparently the X Factor judge is heading out to Sweden and America this month to record the lead song, which is set for release in October. Its also claimed that Cheryl is teaming up with production due Bloodshy and Avent for her first single. That’s the same production company behind Britney’s hit, ‘Toxic’ and latest single, ‘Radar’.

A source told a tabloid: “Her music is very different to Girls Aloud. Its pop with an urban twist and the first single is incredible. There’s millions being pumped into the promotion, recording, photo shoots and music videos. The plan is to make her as huge as Britney and Madonna.

And that’s not all, News of the World has reported that Cheryl is planning to step out from the judging panel to perform her first single live on The X Factor this autumn, so watch out Britney, Cheryl is coming for ya!


  1. i dont want them to split they might never get back together :((:!!!!!

  2. hannah says:

    same soph, we will actually cry, temporary splits never work :( :( :(

  3. girls aloud wont getback together dont be ridiculous.

  4. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Totally agree with Hannah.Well said!!

  5. hannah says:

    why are you on a cheryl fansite when all you do is slag her off!?

  6. Laura says:


  7. cause cheryl really isnt that great!!

  8. 'Watch out Britney Cheryl is coming for ya!' LOL
    Girls Aloud had better not split up because I will get so bored listening to the same songs again and again without any hope of any new ones coming out in the near future. Yes, I may not have all their albums, but that's because I stupidly bought the Greatest Hits album before the ones before that (I'm a very recent fan) and as I have all their singles, I didn't really feel the need to go back and buy Sound of the Underground, What will the Neighbours Say? and Chemistry. Silly me.

  9. Cortney Ruzbasan says:

    Please don’t seek advice from an astrologer Britney! When your relationship is developing difficult times you should go to a marriage councellor.

  10. Stacy Humetewa says:

    A bodyguard suing Britney for millions because of sexual harrassment? I find it challenging to be sorry for a minder who claims he is being picked on.

  11. Ethyl Seanger says:

    Hi britney continue your good attitude….i really love you being your fan….

  12. Jutta Culmer says:

    I love britney spears i understand that shaving your head might b a bit crazy but still she is really gorgeous and has the looks

  13. Jorge Gaucin says:

    It is good that celebrities can use their web site to counter all the lies printed about them. LIke on Britney’s website she has a BS alert.

  14. cherylslittlesoldier says:

    Please don't split girls aloud, I would like more music

    I LOVE YOU CHERYL x x x x

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