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Cherylanncole.co.uk Being Sold to Media Company on May 3rd

Cherylanncole.co.uk Being Sold to Media Company on May 3rd

Folks, today I come here bringing news you will not be happy with. Despite the huge success the Cherylanncole.co.uk blog and more recently, the Cheryl Cole Forums has had, I have decided it’s time for a change in my professional life.

Recently, a number of media companies have been interested in acquiring the www.cherylanncole.co.uk website, and, after some intense negotiations with them, and some deep thinking on my part, I have decided to accept an offer, and move onto bigger and better things.

Please fear not, this website will NOT be closing down, it’ll be passed onto a media company who will have not only more money to put into the site, but considerably more staff to ensure a fresh supply of content on a daily basis.

Over the next few week’s, Ill be working closely with them to transfer the website over to their hands, and introducing the main staff from the company with you guys. Despite my recent declarations that I had no interest in selling the site, the offer made to me was just too good to turn down, so I hope you guys don’t hate me too much, and hope you can fully accept my reasons for moving on.

I’ve been specifically asked not to name the company acquiring this website, pending an official press release from them, however you’ll all learn who they are within the next 48 hours. It’s most certainly a company you will all be familiar with.

Kind Regards,
Andrew MacDonald.

CEO of Toxic Spark Media


  1. sophie says:


  2. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Hey Folks,

    I better put you out of your misery. Today = April Fool's day. Seems like my joke caught both Emmzie and Sophie, while the same post over at the forum got me caught out pretty much immediately.

    Within the first few posts, the members have me sussed out and correctly guessed it was my April Fools joke. So no need to worry ladies, Im not going anywhere, and this website, is most certainly NOT for sale.

  3. Emmzie says:

    Cherylanncole Is Great Here It Cant Get Better

  4. Woow I really really tought this was serious, damn. i was reading it on my email, and immediatly thought whut the hell.

    I just have been Caught. :)

    thanks Andrew.

  5. Very good but I caught on before I'd even read it :P Very good though…

  6. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Glad I managed to catch a few of you out.

    I wasnt so fortunate over at our forums, where the users pretty much guessed it was an April fools straight away!!

  7. Guys, I heard cheryl will be at 9 april in the Dutch X-factor, right?

    In Hilversum ( near Amsterdam )

    Anybody knows about this?

  8. Sophie says:

    all girls aloud fans head over

  9. Emmzie says:

    I'm Rubbish At April Fools :(

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