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Cowell Bans X Factor Contestants Talking About Jedward Scandal

Cowell Bans X Factor Contestants Talking About Jedward Scandal

s J Simon Cowell saves Jedward Despite Simon Cowell being under-fire by the public, he has forbidden all X Factor contestants from discussing the controversy over the twins vote with the media.

The music supremo is desperately trying to keep control of the public uproar following his decision to save John and Edward Grimes over Lucie Jones last weekend, and could even be forced to apologise to the nation this weekend.

Olly Murs, one of Cowell’s own acts told a reporter yesterday: “I can’t say anything, they wont let me.” When Lloyd Daniels, who is expected to go this weekend – said: “I’m not allowed to say anything, sorry,” when asked about the twins.

All contestants have been warned not to add fuel to the fire by giving their opinion over the matter. And insiders at The X Factor last night said Cowell may use this Saturday’s live show to say sorry, but warned he would not back down over letting the public have the final say.

He said: “Simon will only hold his hands up if he thinks he’s done something seriously wrong. He’s sorry so many people are upset but stands by his decision to send the result to dead lock and see who the nation wanted out.” But he added: “But when Simon lays down the law only someone stupid would think about breaking it.

The whole thing is getting a bit out of hand and Simon doesn’t want to make things worse with contestants mouthing off about the scandal. He runs a tight ship and they have been warned there will be serious consequences if they discuss anything outside The X Factor family.

Simon Cowell’s warning came after ITV had received more than 4,000 complaints and TV watchdog Ofcom launched an investigation. The large majority of fans accuse Simon of manipulating the show so one of his own acts will win, even though it meant getting rid of talented Lucie Jones, who he previously described as the “strongest girl in the competition.

Despite the public uproar over Cowell’s decision, Jedward continue to get backing from celebrities such as Robbie Williams, who said of the Irish duo: “What do you look forward to every week on that program? For me it’s Jedward, I love watching them. I think it’s an entertainment show and I am entertained by those two.

And the pair are set to give what Louis Walsh described as a “show-stopping” performance this weekend as they take on Queen’s classic, Radio Ga Ga. Lets be sure Freddie Mercury doesn’t hear it from his grave hey lads?

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