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Dannii Minogue and Cheryl Cole To Battle it Out

Dannii Minogue and Cheryl Cole To Battle it Out

Da  These pair had real trouble getting along in the last series of The X Factor, but the four judges have agreed this year, there has been no cat-fighting or backstabbing on the judges panel. But that’s all about to change, as Dannii Minogue dares to tackle Cheryl Cole head-to-head in the charts.

Australian beauty Dannii Minogue has revealed she is planning to relaunch her solo music career, and wants to debut her new material on The X Factor. Id like to point out here that Cheryl Cole was asked to debut her own solo track on The X Factor by Simon Cowell many months ago, so Cheryl can truly claim that she was asked first.

Dannii Minogue told ‘Guilty Pleasures’: “I have had a listen to a few new songs and I’m all fired up to get back into the studio as soon as possible. It’s hard to keep away from music because you hear a great song and you think, I want that to be mine.

But the real question is, can she come up with a song, get into the recording studio and have it produced in time for a debut performance on the live part of The X Factor this series? It seems like too little, too late, as Cheryl Cole has been working and planning to do exactly that for many months now.

Dannii revealed: “It would be unreal to perform on The X Factor, that is the stage to perform on, so yeah, i want to do it.” She is hoping her comeback can be achieved in time for the release of Cheryl Cole’s new album, ‘Three Words‘ which is set to be released at the end of October. Cheryl Cole’s debut solo single ‘Fight For This Love‘ is also due to air for the first time this Monday morning on The Chris Moyles Show, 8am on Radio 1.

Although Dannii hasnt captured the same level of success as her sister, Kylie Minogue, she has been relatively successful, and scored 12 consecutive number 1 hits in the British dance charts. Dannii has said she will be teaming up with super-producers ‘The Freemasons’ to cement her comeback.

I haven’t had a proper chance to meet up with Freemasons yet just because of everything that has been going on, but when i do new stuff i definitely want them to be part of that. They are like my number one,” said the Aussie princess.

And Dannii Minogue is very confident of her success: “Everyone is living the dream with me,” she beamed.

So do you think Dannii Minogue can be as successful as Cheryl Cole in the charts? Do you want to see the two judges battle it out live on The X Factor?


  1. edith says:

    I personally think that Cheryl Cole is a poor girl who did well, with clever marketing, but the thing is she is mutton dressed up as lamb, ….so my advice to her would be to quit the role of fashion victim and follower, find her own real style which would sit more comfortably on her shoulders and quit trying so hard to draw unnecessary attention to herself. If you have natural charisma, you need make no effort………..not all of us are born with presence, no matter how attractive.

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