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Dannii Minogue Axed From X Factor by Mr Nasty Simon Cowell

Dannii Minogue Axed From X Factor by Mr Nasty Simon Cowell

Australian born pop singer and ITV talent show judge Dannii Minogue will not be the judge for next year’s X Factor show, according to the claim by the newspaper Sun.

Simon Cowell will sack Dannii after this year’s show because of on-going dispute between Simon and Dannii. The reason for the dispute was Dannii’s refusal to hire a stand-in judge during the show. On top of that Dannii is going to miss this year’s audition to look after her son Ethan but we will see her back in the important part of the show judge’s house in October.

Over the next few weeks we will see some of the famous pop celebrity will appear in the X Factor show to fill the gaps for Dannii. We have already seen Geri Halliwell in yesterday’s show talking longer with a contestant who made other judges and audiences little bit uncomfortable. Soon we will Natalie Imbruglia, Katy Perry, Nichole Scherzinger and Pixie Lott.

The Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger was considered to be very popular with the judges and requested to be a judge for boot camp after Cheryl Cole fell ill. Now it’s rumoured Nicole Scherzinger might be hired for  X Factor instead of Dannii, though Simon may also have his eye on her for the judging panel of US X Factor, which launches in 2011

What do think About the Simon’s Decision to Axe Dannii?? If you love Dannii then please leave your comment bellow.


  1. christian louboutin says:

    I will tell my friend about your article.Meaningful message.

  2. Emma B says:

    I'm not being funny but there has been a lot of pressure on dannii after the birth of her child which there shouldn't be. she is suppose to enjoy motherhood not think about the things it causes such as being axed off the X Factor but
    I LOVE YOU CHERYL x x x x

  3. Christopher McMillan says:

    I do not think its right of Simon to axe dannii after this series. Dannii has been of having her baby have really enjoyed seen Dannii has a Judge on the show. I think she's been faboulous and a think Simon should keep her. Am really pleased she is coming back for the live show's in October a can't wait to see her.Its great to have her back on the panel with Cheryl louis and Simon. Dannii is enjoying been a mum and she can't wait to get back to X Factor. She sent me a message on facebook its was really nice. I love you Dannii xxxx

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