Dannii Minogue out to Snog Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole & Dannii Minogue The two glamorous judges on The X Factor panel this year are the subject of much media attention. What is Cheryl Cole wearing? What’s the latest gossip and rumours behind the scenes? Well it seems the latest rumour has come straight from the horses mouth, so-to-speak.

Dannii Minogue isn’t just chasing Cheryl Cole for victory this year, she is also after some girl-on-girl action with Cheryl, revealing she wants to SNOG the sexy Girls Aloud singer. In The X Factor 2008, Cheryl Cole vowed that if she won the show, she’d kiss Dannii.

And since Cheryl triumphed with Alexandra Burke last year, the Australian pop singer was expecting a liptastic treat. Dannii told a national tabloid yesterday: “Do you know what? It never happened. The show ended on a high for Cheryl and Alexandra and I guess in all the excitement, she forgot.

Sexy Dannii continued: “I’d completely forgotten until now. Well i guess I’d better chase her this year. Maybe we’ll raise the stakes, who knows?

Dannii Minogue also revealed her arguments with Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell nearly stopped her returning as a judge this year. “Last year was very negative for me, but things were smoothed over.

So cmon lads, who would like Dannii Minogue to Snog Cheryl Cole?

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