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Dannii Minogue outing Danyl Johnson as Gay

Dannii Minogue outing Danyl Johnson as Gay

Danyl Johnson Bisexual OK i know this is a Cheryl Cole blog, and that we normally only post news on her acts, but our previous story about Danyl Johnson Being Bisexual has received hundreds of thousands of page views overnight, so we had better bring you this bit of news.

Earlier this evening, in a below-the-belt blow, Dannii Minogue shocked The X Factor viewers when she outed Danyl Johnson’s sexuality on National TV. The sexy Australian singer’s comment came after Danyl’s fantastic performance of a Whitney Houston classic, where he slightly altered the lyrics, singing the love song about a woman, rather than a man.

Dannii Referred to the media’s news that Danyl Johnson is Bisexual, and fancies both Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole. She said: “If you’re to believe everything you read in the papers, then you didn’t need to change the gender references in that song.

You could see that Dannii’s comments also hurt Danyl, as he started to cry on live TV, just before the camera’s cut to the final credits of the show. Dannii’s poor attempt at humour sent the ITV X Factor Forums into meltdown, as thousands of people rushed online to slate Dannii. Even our old blog post about Danyl’s sexuality sparked comments from many fans.

So lets put it to the poll. Was Dannii Minogue’s attempt at a joke out of order, or did you find her comments at all funny?


  1. Andrew MacDonald says:

    I totally agree with Karl.

    Dannii Minogue was completely out of order. Im sure there is going to be a backlash not only with the general public, but ITV bosses will slap her on the wrist big time, as well as Simon Cowell giving her warnings, considering it is HIS show, and indeed his own act she was insulting.

  2. Danni was bang out of order on that one, there shud be serious reprocusions for what she said, poor Danyl gave an amazing performance and Danni out's him, so what if he is bisexual danni you had no right shouting it out on live tv

  3. I Agree She is Out of Order to Say that !!

  4. Shelly ann says:

    :o I was So Shocked when she said it !

  5. Andrew MacDonald says:

    I totally agree with you Faheema.

  6. Faheema says:

    :o I was well shocked when i heard her say it. I thought he performed really well and then Dannii went and said that. I thought it was well out of order. I felt so sorry for him because you can tell it really hurt him when she said it, i mean he started crying on live TV. :(

  7. It was not a Joke. It was crude and rude. I don’t care if she says Danyl is ok with it. It is not appropriate at all no matter what. This is a family show and to call someone out on their sexuality is not appropriate.

    I am very concerned that the two women judges Danni and Cheryl are making moralistic judgments about the girl singer act Ms. Frank and the one women judge Dani inappropriately brought up one of the male singers Danyl Johnson’ bi-sexuality after he sang a wonderful song from the Dream Girls score. Dani was supposed to comment on his Danyl Johnson’s performance no make a big deal out of what she heard in the newspapers about the man’s bisexuality. What is the big deal? She was shaming him and making him wrong. It was very hetero-sexist and homophobic and has no place in this competition. There is a wide axis of different loving beyond the heterosexual format.

    Those moralistic comments were inappropriate and discriminatory – plus it comes off as racist. Who cares who one has slept with or is loving in their lives (consenting adults of course). What does that have to do with their singing? The two women judges are swaying the audience with their moralist and bigoted Puritanical opinions. This is not cool. What a sticky wicket they have started here. They owe them an apology and also they need to stop moralizing to the contestants. Stick to judging what is important, singer and they stage presence etc.


  8. Adele says:

    i am gay and i agree Danni was absolutely wrong saying what she did they was no need to do that it was disgusting

  9. adele says:

    Cheryl liked ms.frank it was Kandy rain she said not to dress like that and i totally agree its a family show and my seven year old niece doesn't need to see that

  10. Jamaicafest says:

    I don't think that Dannii meant to offend but it was an inappropriate comment nonetheless.

  11. When will people remember that he sang a JENNIFER HOLLIDAY song – Whitney Houston is NOT famous for this song!!

    It came from the stage show of Dreamgirls not Ms. Houston's back catalogue!

  12. BobbyHundreds says:

    Firstly, Jennifer Holliday??? It's Hudson.
    Secondly, get over yourselves. She made a little quip that was in keeping with the songs lyrics and the newspaper articles. Completely relevent and in no way offensive. She even stated at the end of the show that both her and Danyl had been joking about it backstage, before the show. She then brings it up lightheartedly and he just stands there like a dick; with that puppy-dog-please-feel-sorry-for-me look on his stupid face. Her entire fanbase are gay – to suggest what she said was homophobic just makes you look moronic. Cowell even apologised later for making a big deal out of it. Forget an apology from Danni; I want to see Danyl make the apology on Saturday night.

  13. BobbyHundreds says:

    "It was very hetero-sexist and homophobic"
    Make your mind up, which is it?

    "Those moralistic comments were inappropriate and discriminatory – plus it comes off as racist."
    RACIST!!! My god, I've heard it all now.

    April, someone should take your keyboard away; or at the very least, given supervision.

  14. Jennifer Hudson sang it in the film which came a LONG time after Jennifer Holliday made the first definitive version in the stage musical so you need to do some research before you correct someone :)

  15. BobbyHundreds says:

    my apologies.

  16. Sofie says:

    dannii was been a little strange there????

  17. marley says:

    I thought this was a singing competition not a sexual preference competition ~ Or have a missed the point totally???

    Yes Danii you were so out of order on that comment, joke or no joke, it was below the belt.

    As for for poor Danyl, ok I dont get you and am totally agree with Cheryl, BUT you can sing and you should not be put off by comments. However in the end they have been harse and you are a bigger person for getting back on that stage. Well done

  18. georgina says:

    cheryl coles new single is awsome and so is alexandra burks

  19. Jamac says:

    Yo listen , listen, listen,what,what, man's gonna drop sumfin

  20. Alex Nicholson says:

    Take my advice kill all gaybo's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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