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Danyl Johnson: We Are The Champions on The X Factor - Video

Danyl Johnson: We Are The Champions on The X Factor – Video

Danyl Jonhson - We Are The Champions The X Factor This was the perfect week for Simon Cowell‘s act, Danyl Johnson. Queen Week probably suited him much more than the other contestants, although I admit all were excellent performances tonight.

After butchering his performance of Purple Rain last week, Danyl Johnson’s – We Are The Champions won him a lot of respect tonight with one of the most authentic rock vocals of the evening. And the judges held back their bad comments, and gave Danyl some feedback he can be proud of.

This week Danyl Johnson begged to make his own song choice, and chose Queen’s classic anthem, We Are The Champions. And it really worked out well for Danyl. All-in-all, this was a fantastic performance for him, and one that’s sure to get him through to next week’s show.

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Danyl Johnson – We Are The Champions on The X Factor

Judges Comments

Louis Walsh: Danyl, there’s nothing wrong with being arrogant and cocky, aslong as you have the talent to back it up. And tonight, you’ve proved that you’ve got it all. The best performance of the night. You’ll be here a long time.

Dannii Minogue:Danyl, I absolutely think that was your best vocal performance on the live shows.

Cheryl Cole:I wasn’t sure when you started off, but you totally won me over, and you look really handsome tonight.

Simon Cowell:That was absolutely fantastic. What was so good was that was not a karaoke performance, you sang as if you meant it, you acted the song which is important. You were everything the guys [Queen] said themselves, outstanding.

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