Derek Hough Admits About His Relationship With Cheryl Cole

derek hough cheryl cole Before Cheryl Cole, 29, got involved in a relationship with dancer Tre Holloway, she had a brief relationship with Derek Hough.

The 28-year-old professional dancer has recently opened up about his short relationship with the former Girls Aloud star and admitted that he never heard her music before they met.

Derek told the BBC Worldwide Dancing With The Stars event in London, that he and the former X Factor judge dated back in 2010, but they never talked about it too much.

Derek said though they dated for a while, they still remained friends and are very close. He also said that he doesn’t talk about it because people often in this culture take advantage on their friendships. He never spoke about Cheryl because her friendship is important to him.

Derek also said he hardly knew who Cheryl was at that time, but he knew that she was very popular in the UK. He said he never met her and knew most of her by doing Google searches.

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