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Disappointment as Cheryl Cole Refused to Sing Live on X Factor

Disappointment as Cheryl Cole Refused to Sing Live on X Factor

Cheryl Cole Mimes on The X Factor I have to say, i am quite disappointed in Cheryl Cole for this. It’s been revealed today that while her young hopefuls have to sing live before the X Factor audience and 12 million people, Cheryl Cole will have the luxury of recording her single hours before the live show on Saturday night. Whats-more, she will be MIMING to her own track, Fight For This Love, NOT singing!!

Officials from the ITV talent show have confirmed the decision was made following the disastrous Girls Aloud performance on last years X Factor Live. The 5 sexy singers sang their latest hit single, The Promise, but struggled to stay in tune, meaning X Factor contestants actually sounded much better than a girl group with 6 years experience.

A show source said: “The girls did not have a huge amount of time to rehearse, and while they looked beautiful in 1950′s-style golden gowns, their vocals were terrible. We even had to have a sound engineer in the directors gallery backstage standing over the controls trying to make them sound better, but to no avail.

Cheryl Cole has been trying to hail herself as the break-out star of Girls Aloud, and has made no bones about the big plans for her career. Nobody, not even her record label want to see her fail, which is why the decision was made that Cheryl would mime to her track, instead of singing live like The X Factor contestants.

But, of course, Cheryl will be heavily criticised for not singing live [too damn right] and then returning to the judges chair to cast judgement on the hopefuls, who will have spent all week rehearsing and battling nerves. Cheryl will be recording her music performance earlier in the day with a live studio audience to ensure she can fully continue with her judging commitments on The X Factor later that evening,” The X Factor source said.

I don’t know about you guys here at this Cheryl Cole Fansite, but what do you think about Cheryl Cole refusing to sing live, when you bare in mind she sees herself fit to sit there and judge other hopefuls? As the owner of this website, im a HUGE fan of Cheryl Cole, but i am totally disappointed in Cheryl for not having the courage to sing live.


  1. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Im very disappointed in Cheryl for this. And the public i feel will be of the same opinion. If she wants us to take her seriously in her career choice, she needs to be a big enough girl to stand up, and give us all you have got….JUST like she is asking her X Factor contestants to do.

  2. tequila25789 says:

    Guys, you need to listen to Cheryl Cole's interview with Chris Moyles on Radio 1 (13the Oct), it's on the BBC iplayer. She explains that in fact she will be performing live infront of the audience during Sunday's show, but it will be played back on tv a tiny little bit later. This is because there isn't physically enough time for her to get out from behind the judging desk, backstage, change, sing, change, sit down again!

  3. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Yeah we know she is performing in front of the live studio audience (which will be brought in during the day when she cuts the final rehearsal on tape), but the part we are disappointed with is the fact that the 'viewing' audience on the TV, will see footage which was filmed 4 hours before the show goes out live on air.

    That gives her plenty of time to re-film her performance as many times as she likes if she buggers up or it doesnt sound right. But if she wants us to take her seriously as a 'solo' recording artist, she needs to take a risk, and have as big a balls as her contestants have. They dont have the opportunity to film performances ahead of time.

    Neither should Cheryl!!

  4. tequila25789 says:

    Ok, well I guess we'll find out – if the performance is a bit shakey on Sunday then we'll know it hasn't been altered! But remember that, along with the rest of the country, Cheryl really wasn't impressed when Britney came on and mimed the whole thing last year, so I think she'd be careful about doing something similar – and Simon Cowell wouldn't want that either, because such a big deal was made of it.
    I agree with your points if she does go ahead and re-shoot a lot of the performance, but I just don't think she will.
    But you never know, I might be eating my words on Sunday!

  5. Rich Brennan says:

    It’s really irrelevant as to what happened to Britney but agree that if she is going to slag someone off for not singing live she should not do the same. What’s important is SHE and her record label wants her to be taken seriously as an solo singer. They could arrange a break after the song to allow her to get off stage and back into her chair. So it is possible and is just an excuse!

    She is judging and expecting contestants to be sing live and as a judge she should be doing exactly the same….very two faced.

    If this was Dannii all hell would be breaking loose with reports, articles and complaints!!!

  6. annoyed but only because everyone elce will be like HA because i can imagine how scared she would be after normally singing with 4 other girls and then on your own tbh i wouldent do it live

  7. Staycee-LovesCheryl says:

    FFS the only reason she didnt sing live is because it IS NOT PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE TO PREPARE FOR A LIVE PERFORMANCE AND HAVE A COMPLETE COSTUME CHANGE IN A MAXIMUM 5 MINUTE BREAK !!! if u think about it , the contestants have all fucking week to prepare so dont go slagging off cheryl
    I love you cheryl no matter what you're my idol xx <3 :D

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