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Does Simon Have The Hots For Cheryl?

Does Simon Have The Hots For Cheryl?

Without a doubt when ever Simon Cowell does a reality t.v program he places himself next to a gorgeous woman on the judging panel. He never fails to have his arm round their chair all day long as the auditions go on but according to Simon’s close friend Sinitta, Simon and our very own Cheryl Cole would be perfectly suited to one another.

When we watch X-factor we see the love hate relationship at is gets stronger every week. Simon and Cheryl are constantly bickering but you can see behind it that they really would do nothing to hurt each other.

Simon’s X girlfriend and one of his closest mates said that if cheryl was older and they were both single then they would be perfect for each other. Sinitta also told the Sun “I think Simon sees her more as a little sister, but I’m sure if she was older and single… They definitely have some kind of funny chemistry.”

Sinitta continued to say “It was a very sexy final when it ended up with those two. She knows how to work it. She does those Bambi eyes and while one side of him wants to beat her in the competition, the other side wants to give her anything she wants.” We know Cheryl wouldn’t even dream of becoming an item with Simon Cowell because the age difference is far to big and also Simon admits he does not want kids.

But i know one man who i don’t think will be best pleased with this rumor and that is Ashley Cole, it has been said that he has been breaking down at home because of marriage rumors and so this might just send him of the edge. Maybe this is his punishment for all the horrible things he has done to Cheryl. 

Do you think Cheryl and Simon would make a good couple?


  1. Elizabeth says:

    They look cute together, but i would hate it if they were in a relationship. I can't imagine them getting married. kissing? nahhh

    Ashley's fine. I luv them as a couple

  2. i bet cheryl and simon will never get together( witch will be upseting for simon)
    i'm not saying they won't but they might you never know!!!!!

  3. anita says:

    you can see it a mile off they just need time and who knows if i was mish i be a little concerned she is NOT the one for simon and time will tell

  4. what is wrong with them getting together?

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