Failing Judging Role, Cheryl Cole May End up Being Mentor on US X Factor

Rumors about Cheryl Cole’s involvement in US X Factor have been heard since last year. For months, we were presented with so-called insider information and reports that Cheryl was about to become one of the judges on the hit talent show. But it seems that she won’t make it after all, according to Simon Cowell yesterday. His attempts to bring Cheryl Cole to the state won’t be in vain though.

Apparently, failing to secure a spot as one of the judges, Cheryl is now being pushed by Simon to become one of the mentors of the show instead. According to him, Cheryl is all familiar with audition process and how to groom a potential singer.

Nevertheless, nothing is set in stone yet. Even if Cheryl Cole ended up not being involved in the US X Factor, there’s a big possibility that she will be invited to perform there instead. It’s a surefire way launch Cheryl’s pop career in the US.

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