Furious Simon Cowell Rages at Cheryl Cole & Dannii Minogue

simon-cowell-x-factor1 X Factor boss and music supremo Simon Cowell furiously gave Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue a dressing down after Sunday nights Live X Factor Results Show, saying they were more concerned about their looks than their acts.

Simon was already in a bad mood after his best chance of winning the show, Danyl Johnson refused to change his song at the request of Cowell, which led to a furious row on Thursday of last week. And as if his predictions were proved right over Danyl’s song choice, Danyl ended up in the bottom two, along with girl group Miss Frank.

After The X Factor results show, Simon summoned Dannii, 38, and Cheryl, 26, to his new dressing room, where he has spent over £60,000 on a full make-over, which includes leather-clad walls, a jacuzzi, and more mirrors than in the house of flying daggers.

Simon blasted the two sexy judges for spending too much time on their outfits, and not enough on the hopefuls. To be fair, the pair looked absolutely gorgeous this weekend, and it looks like they spent a fair amount of time on perfecting their look.

Simon has ordered the pair to be ready 30 minutes early each week before the live shows for a briefing with him.

Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue A show insider said: “Simon could not believe his act Danyl – or Miss Frank for that matter – were in the sing-off and he was in a foul mood all evening. After the show he let rip at Cheryl and Dannii. They are always immaculately turned out and spend ages on choosing their clothes and accessories, having their hair and make-up done and perfecting their look. But in no uncertain terms Simon told them it’s a talent show, not a fashion show.

Simon allegedly continued: “The girls need to spend less time in front of the mirror (he can talk), and in their dressing rooms and more time concentrating on their acts, song choices and criticisms. He think’s Cheryl and Dannii need to be more real. He thinks they’re too afraid to offend.

He doesn’t want them to say just what they think the public wants to hear. He wants them to think about what they’re saying. He’s worries about the show becoming boring. It’s too anodyne. He wants more constructive criticism rather than platitudes. Simon was angry because he could not get his head around the fact Danyl, who he sees as a potential winner, was in the bottom two and the twins made it through on the public vote.

Ever since The X Factor started this season, Danyl Johnson has been tipped to win the show, but after his performance last week, Joe McElderry is now favourite to win, which would give Cheryl Cole her second win in as many years.

Do you think Dannii Minogue and Cheryl Cole deserved such a lashing from Simon Cowell? Leave us a comment below…


  1. michelle says:

    Maybe they should remind him of the fact that it wasn't their act that was in the bottom two!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Simon should watch his attitude, and mind his own business. What's wrong with the girls putting time in their look. They're women, every women wants to look good. And as long as they're not late for the show then it's totally fine. He should safe his time shouting at the girls and telling them what to do and actually talk to his acts, and find out what they really want to sing, what song is good for them.

    luv you cheryl xx.

  3. Elizabeth, your right, Simon has an attitude problem, He should leave Cheryl & Danni alone there not children. He was even very rude calling the twins horror, who does he think he is, he musn't have a mirror in his house.

  4. alice says:

    cheryl and dannii don't worry about what simon says, he doesn't know what looking gorgoeus like.
    i think cheryl's and dannii's act are a lot better compare to danyl's performance. i wasn't at all surprised to hear that danyl is with the bottom two. guess what simon leave cheryl and dannii alone, so far to me they are doing a brilliant job. well done girls.

  5. he is far to controlling he obviously only had such a problem with it now because of danyl, if he is so angry about it whay has he only just bought it up after 2 years, i tell you what would be boring if danni and cheryl walked out not looking there best then the public would thinnk there was something wrong!

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Simon thinks he can say whatever he likes and no one will talk back cuz he's the boss, but Simon, watch out there's a fiesty geordie rite next to you and she's not scared to talk back at you. You're not the best, go look at yourself in the mirror see what you look like. He has no rite to tell the girls what to do

    luv cheryl xx.

  7. Matt Hughes says:

    Although x-Factor doesn't broadcast in the US we have to suffer through Simon's arrogance and little boy temper tantrums on The American Idol. I love the x-factor because the judges dish it back at Simon and it's obvious he can't take it. For God's sake, he wears the same t-shirt on EVERY American Idol show. Simon is simply running scared. His acts suck. I don't get the Danyl thing at all. One song he spit his way to the next round and he was so off key in his rock song it was embarassing. What is it that Simon hears? Has he got a "thing" for Danyl? Danyl's poor performances have nothing to do with his personality. As a voice major, the bottom line is he ertainly is NOT the best singer in the competition. But, of course, that doesn't stop him from harshly criticizing the other acts. I guess if I had a choice, I would take a wimpy performance (which it wasn't even close to be) over a wimpy voice, out of tune voice.

  8. Bluesky says:

    I agree with Simon totally…. Simon knows what he is talking about, th erre wasn't so much bitching until these two girls came on the scene!!! Bon Jovi said Simon knows what he is talking about, you lot don't know what your talking about!!!

  9. ChezzaCole says:

    Umm..Simon, reality check needed, WHOSE act was in the bottom 2 ????? and WHOSE acts werent??? he had no right to do that and shouldnt think that, just because he is the boss, he can treat them like shit when it suits him !!!
    cheryl i love you so much my idol :D xxxxxxxx

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