Geordie Cheryl Cole’s XXX Bad Language

Cheryl Cole X Factor Elocution Lessons We reported earlier this year that Simon Cowell has advised Cheryl Cole to take elocution lessons if she hopes to carve out a TV career in America. But weeks after the report, Cheryl confirmed she would NOT be taking the elocution lessons, or trying to crack America because she wants to stay and work on her marriage, and continue to work in the UK.

Well it seems Cheryl Cole has now got her heart set on America again, after Simon Cowell has lined the Girls Aloud babe up to become the head judge when he takes The X Factor to America. But Cheryl’s hit a stumbling block after TV producers who came over to observe her judging on the current series of X Factor UK have fears that American audiences wont understand her Geordie accent.

So concerned about the reaction to her heavy Newcastle twang, Cheryl is now reportedly taking up Simon Cowell‘s offer to pay for elocution lessons for her. The TV & Music mogul is said to be very close to landing a deal for Cheryl with NBC executives for the Girls Aloud babe to become head-judge on X Factor US.

NBC executives have now taken tapes of Cheryl’s judging performance back to the US to test on focus groups to see how they react to her accent. An insider told a national tabloid: “They were bowled over by Cheryl and thought she was sassy, smart, charismatic and beautiful. There was just one small problem – they couldn’t make head or tale nor tale of her Geordie accent.

The insider continued: “She was at her best at the weekend, witty, empathetic and really encouraging to some of the acts. But while her accent isnt that thick, the Americans really seemed to struggle with it. Simon jokingly offered to pay for elocution lessons for her, but seriously, that may be the route she has to take if she is really considering breaking into television over there.”

Cheryl Cole is the latest in a long line of British celebrities who are trying to win over the US with her British ways. Classical singer Myleene Klass is currently hosting the US version of I’m a Celeb… but has been dogged by bad ratings.

Cheryl – whilst we here at this Cheryl Cole Fansite REALLY want you to advance your career, PLEASE don’t desert us by heading to the US. You are the British Nation’s Sweetheart, not Americas.

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